Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank You!!

Thank you EVERYONE for the 'Birthday Wishes'!!
My mom, aunt and nephew came into town about 7 last night. We ate dinner here at the house and then had cake!

They sang the Happy Birthday song and I blew out the candles!!

I had a piece for you all!!! It was delicious!!
The center was white and strawberry cakes. Delicious, Yummy, hit the spot!!
For the icing I used Bakerella's Easy Butter cream icing recipe! I do believe, THAT made the cake!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Now I can go pick up my WHOLE house the two little ones DESTROYED!!!
While I was making this for myself!! :)

What was I thinking??
I'll be sure and post pictures of what this baby looks like on the inside!!
This ain't yo mamma's cake!!! *grins and giggles*

Oh, and I did make some cupcakes too!!
Just not the edible kind!!
These were made with my NEW stamp set from Close To My Heart!!
I know that I am by no means a 'Master' at cake decorating. But I enjoyed making it and I get to eat it.
If you want to see some that is really Awesome!! check out Bakerella and her Wii-art!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday what??

I'm having trouble deciding what kind of Birthday cake I should make tomorrow...
anybody have any suggestions???



yellow cake with icing??

white cake with icing??

something with fondant??

I'm at a loss!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I added a couple more things to my fireplace.

I just can't seem to leave well enough alone!!

It looks better without the flash (in real life), but I can't hold my camera still enough

to take it without the flash! Go figure!!

And this is why......

I SHOULD NOT be on the computer when Hayleigh is awake!!!
*Note to self: Move bread to a higher drawer!!
Problem Solved!!! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Something Else to Do!

My friend posted about a bracelet she found on another blog.

So I thought I would try making one!

(I was supposed to be making a Baby Shower card for tomorrow, but I was doing this instead)

It was fun and I'm glad it turned out!

In honor of her 'AWESOMENESS' she will be receiving this some time next week!
No worries, she already knows about it, so I'm not spoiling anything!! ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Frame, Old Picture

There was probably about 100 other things I should have been doing today. Instead, I decided to tackle this nice little job!!

I was unpacking a box of pictures that I've accumulated over the past 8 1/2 years. The whole time we have been living here, I just haven't been motivated enough to put any pictures up. I kind of enjoyed the uncluttered feeling! After reading ALOT of blogs though I'm starting to 'not like the look' so I need to put some pictures up!!!

I almost got rid of this picture 2 years ago when we moved from Missouri to New Mexico. For some reason though, I just couldn't part with it. (I never even had it hanging up in our house in MO!)

I'm sure glad I kept this little jewel! The gold frame really doesn't go with anything I have, but the yellows, that you really can't see, do.

Alas, the light bulb went off and lit up my whole bedroom!!! I'll just use the spray paint that I bought for another project!!! (I'll show you that one as soon as I get the 'rug' peeled off of my bedroom wall!!) That's a whole-nother post right there!!!!

And here you have it finished.......

I'm honestly surprised I finished this in one afternoon!! In my past life, this project would have taken me MONTHS!!!! and today I got it done in 2 hours!!

The older 3 ran over to the neighbors for a bit so it was just me and Peanut! I made her stand at the glass door and talk to me while I spray painted. I did end up letting her out on the grass while i scraped the paint drops off the glass. (She only ate a little grass!)

I am up to no good!!

Somebody get that kid a kleenex!!

This looks very interesting!!

Aww, that's nice!!!

So, what magic can you make happen with a can of spray paint???

(It has to be legal!!!) :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

7 months and I'm still trying to move in

Remember when I found the Shrink-It and got sidetracked with that?

Well, this is what I was trying to unpack when I got side-tracked by that fun little project!!

Flash On!!

Flash Off!!

I have ALOT of Americana decore. This is just a small portion of it and I thought it would look nice on my fireplace!

Now, to go unpack some more!!

Boots, Boots and More Boots

I've had my fair share of boots over the past decade and a half. I grew up on a dairy farm. I was a member of 4-H. I even showed a couple of cows. I was also a member of the FFA when I was in High School. I was labled 'a shit-kicker' in school because I wore my 'boot & jeans'!

Sean bought his first pair cowboy boots 2 years ago after Christmas. I've had my pink pair for 2 years as well. We have now passed this onto our children. They wanted to use some of their Christmas money to buy some boots!

Taylor picked out the light pink ones! I about died when she said she wanted these!!! I tried to persaude her to others, but she WOULD NOT BE SOLD!!!! You can't see it in the pictures, but they have a silver chain that runs under the boot in front of the heel!! They are starting to grow on me!!

Madison got the camo ones. I'm very glad. I wish they would have had those in my size. Because then I would have talked her into something else and I would have got them!!! ;)

Dakoda looks so cute in the pink and aqua!! She has been wearing them EVERYWHERE!!! She even wore them to church yesterday! I couldn't talk her out of it!!
I wanted to get these for Hayleigh, but her foot is too fat and they didn't have the next size!
I guess when she starts walking, I'll get her the real deal! She ended up getting a horse instead!!
Doesn't every little girl want a pony??

Friday, January 16, 2009

And the winner is.........

Thank you everyone for your comments.

I will try and leave more posts with the things you are interested in.

Look for more giveaways in the future!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Forget to Enter my Giveaway!!!

Click on the title and enter my Giveaway!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seriously? What next??

I saw this on Yahoo.
Click on the title to find out what this is all about.
I can't even begin to..... okay, here's the deal. PETA wants to change fish to sea kitten's.
Apparently people are killing too many fish and they want dog and cat lovers to feel sorry for
the fish and save them.

So I made my own little 'sea kitten'.

Does this mean I can't eat tuna salad, or talapia or grilled salmon??

If I go to a chinese restuarant and decide to eat sushi will I really be eating kitten???

Kinda scary!!

I'm just saying...It would take some getting used too!!!

Oh, and what about people who would still 'go fishing'?

Husband: Hey Honey! I'm gonna go catch me some sea kittens!!

Create Your Own Sea Kitten at!

Look what I found!!

I was unpacking a box and I found a container of 'arts & crafts' that I had when I was still living with my parents. I figure this dates back almost a decade and a half ago.

I made this when I was about 13 give or take. Naturally I lived in Missouri because I think they are the only ones who support this team!!!
Just kidding, I'm not a hater!

It was just the outline and I colored it in today.

Before the Shrinkage.

During the shrinkage!
After the Shrinkage!
I know everybody has probably done this before, but I just couldn't get over it. The girls absolutely thought it was a blast!!
Now the updated version!!

I'm melting, I'm melting!!!

(oops, wrong movie!!)

Ta- Daaa!!!

Damn, I'm so easily amused!!

Crack doesn't ALWAYS kill!!

There's just something about sweet little girls!!
Can you tell this is ONLY the second day she's been wearing panties??
Dakoda hasn't quite figured out how to get them pulled up far enough yet!!


As many of you may have guessed from my Giveaway... I am a Consultant for Close To My Heart Scrapbooking products.
I signed up back in October and it's mostly to support my 'habit' I am still starting.
A couple of months ago CTMH made it legal for us to talk about there company on our blogs. So that was pretty exciting.
I don't have a website yet, because I don't have the funds for that yet. I know, same story, different tune!
I was just wanting to put it out there that if you like these products and would like to order anything. Just let me know! I'd be happy to help you out!!

Another Hobby!

Like I really have the time to be starting something else!!

I think I do this, I know I keep starting new things because I get tired of taking care of things here at the house ALL of the time.

Now, don't take this the wrong way! I LOVE staying at home. I didn't get to stay home this much with the older 2 girls, so I am BIG TIME LOVING being here with the 2 younger ones. Plus, I'm not very good at keeping a job. I get bored too easy with jobs, hence the reason I think for all the 'new hobbies' I always try!!
Now for my newest 'time-waster'.......drumroll please.......rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....
I used some of my Christmas money and bought the little beginners book, a pack of crochet hooks, some yarn and even a little basket to keep it all in.
Now, I didn't just start this on a complete whim. I remeber when I was probably T's age and my mom would crochet little doilies and such. All I was taught to do at the time was 'chain' and when it got long enough I would rip it apart and start over. My mother didn't have the patience to teach me and I think that's why it is so hard for me to teach my girls things like that!! It comes from my mother!! (Good thing I didn't pay a therapist for that session!!)
So I started with a simple hat. So it says. Simple my hind end. If you have no clue what you are doing, it. is. not. simple!!!
I started last Thursday. Didn't look hot. ripped it apart. Started again Friday. Ripped it apart. Started again Saturday. Now it was starting to look like it should!! Yippee!! I finally finished it Sunday evening.
I even had a model to wear it!!!

We had to take several pictures though, he wouldn't smile for me and they kept looking like 'mug shots'!!! I didn't want America's Most Wanted to identify him on my blog!!!

It's actually funny how much he enjoyed wearing this!! He kept it on all evening!!

I think he looks kind of cute in pink!!! Is that wrong for me to feel that way???

Just asking!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

50th Post = GIVEAWAY!!!!

Don't worry followers! I did not forget about my '50th Post Giveaway'!
It is FINALLY here!!!
I will admit, I was dragging my feet a little. I was superexcited at first but as it
neared, I feared my gifts would not be 'giveaway' quality.
So, here it goes!!

I am offering this fine assortment of scrapbooking products! (From Close To My Heart)
All you have to do my friends is leave me a quick comment telling me what you like about my blog or what you would like me to blog about! (One comment per person please!)

You have until 6:30am CST on Friday January 16th to leave a comment and be entered into the Giveaway! Sometime Friday I will draw a number through and have the winner posted by 2:30pm CST on Friday!

Good Luck!

And here is what you are 'commenting' for!!

You will get this Aspen Paper Packet Level 2 which includes: 12-12"x12" B&T Duos (2 each of 6 patterns), 9-12"x12" Cardstock Sheets (2 each of 3 colors & 3 neutral)

6 Twilight Corduroy Brads

Aspen My Stickease Assorment Level 2 includes 2-6"x12" Adhesive Sheets

A page of 'Clear Sparkles'

Exclusive Inks pad Cocoa

4 little picture frames!

As a side note: if you aren't really a 'scrapbooker' per say have no fear! If your name is drawn and you don't know what to do with the items you have won. Just let me know and I will make a couple of Layouts for you to put your pictures on!!

Thank you all for reading my blog!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who Said That?

Girl Scout Cookie Sales start on Friday! M did it last year and we had fun! This year the Daisies get to sell cookies so now we have two in our home who will be competeing for sales! Please keep me in your thoughts because I'm sure this is going to be fun!! (sarcasm, lots and lots of sarcasm)

T was supposed to have her bi-monthly meeting last night but it was cancelled on account of the ice sticking to the trees!! Anyway, the phone call from her leader informing me of the cancellation also led her to tell me that she didn't know where we were going to meet on Wednesday because she couldn't get the church that day. We would have just skipped the meeting but with 'Cookie Sales' starting we have to have the 'parent meeting' this week.

All of a sudden I hear a voice saying: You can have it at my house! I have a big, open living room. That should be no problem!

GS Leader: Really? That would be great!

Voice: Sure! What time?

GS Leader: I'll tell everyone 5 o'clock. What's your address again?

Voice: 522 Are you insane Blvd.

GS Leader: Great! See you Wednesday.

Voice: Bye!


Me: Wait....What? Did I just offer my house?
Where did that voice come from??
Crap!! Now I have to go clean!!
Seriously...Why do I do this to myself??

Monday, January 5, 2009


So, I know that my Blog looks pretty boring, but I just couldn't find anything else that jumped out at me.
Okay, that's a lie. I found a lot of things but I just couldn't put any of them up.
None of them were racy or anything like that. A lot of the ones I liked.....just weren't me.
I have realized that.....
Maybe I should start this a different way because this is almost what it feels like.

My name is Jessica and I am a PRUDE!!!
Can you believe that? I've been in denial for awhile now.
I don't want to be a prude. I'm actually quite fun loving and enjoy tiny borderline dangerous things.

Back to the way my Blog looks though.....I want to be fun and spontanious but most of the time I feel like I'm ALWAYS 'writing within the lines'

I do have a Birthday coming up and no more babies are in our future. Maybe this is just a funky day. I'm really not sure!
Yesterday I was ALL GUNGHO!! about getting things accomplished right for the New Year.
Apparently today just wasn't in the cards to get that going!

Maybe a better day is in store for tomorrow!

Oh, and I have found 1 thing that I do not like about this Great State of Texas!!!
The fact that it has been raining ALL DAMN DAY, the temp. is 33 degrees and all it has done is freeze all the trees!!
I'm sure my good ol' friends in ABQ are getting a kick out of that. They have gotten a nice little amount of snow since we moved our sorry a$$e$ out of that state.
See, there I go again.... I can't even type out the 'cool' way to say butt!!!!! WTF????

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