Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Starting to Settle In....

With Sean's job we have moved around ALOT!!! We have lived in 7 homes in the past almost 10 years that we have been married. I realize that to some this is not bad at all but I only lived in to 2 homes during the 18 years I lived with my parents. And the house we moved into when I was 7 was no strangers. We simply 'traded' houses with my Grandparents so we could see my dad more often!!

Now, the longest Sean and I have lived somewhere was when we were living in MO. We were in that house for 4 years. It was nothing fancy and to say the least, my Mother was quite appalled when I told her which house it was before we signed the contract for it! We made it our home and brought two babies into that house! We also had a Garden!

I just realized that this is only our second garden since we've been married. The other of course in MO. I think it is because I feel like we are a little 'settled in' when we start to hit the 2 year mark in a home. Which is where we are now!

This is our Garden we built as a Family on a whim Saturday. We are no means professionals and I'm sure there are better, cheaper and faster ways to go about this, but we had a great time!!

Contrary to what some of the pictures may be telling you!!

Do you like my garden? Probably not yet! This is what it looked like around 11am Saturday morning!! It does get better! I promise!

My 'Twins' helping Daddy measure the boards before cutting!

This is serious stuff here guys!! Can't you tell by the look on Mr.'s face?

I promise I trust him, but I was cringing EVERYTIME he cut a board!

Time to Screw!!!

The boards together of course!! What did you think I meant?? and have a snack and be right up in daddy's business and be little girls!! What else could you ask for?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe some extra 'help'!! H was doing something VERY important!!

D with 'her seeds'!! This little lady about drove us nuts with the seeds!!!

Breakin' down the cardboard!!

Sean's attempt to throw the hose over the fence and onto the ground!!

No dull moments here!!

Cardboard is down and we are ready for the dirt!!
D is a tad unhappy because we can't plant the seeds yet.

Finally some dirt!!

Now what??
Seeds maybe??
Nope!! Not yet!

We still need to make it look like a square foot garden!

And NOW we are ready for the...................

The three older girls each got to plant two different kinds of seeds. We will plant more in April.
Dakoda posing with 'her' garden!!!
What do you think about our Plant markers??
I guess saving ALL of the dial-up cds we used to get really did pay off!!

Hopefully I will have some pictures later on with a little green in them!! If not, at least we ALL enjoyed the expierence!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Plates, Cups, Candleholders and a Surprise Find!!

Almost two weeks ago my Mom and SIL came down from Missouri for a lil' visit! On that Friday we wanted to drive out to the Cowboys Stadium so my nephews could see it! We couldn't go to early because we didn't want to be sitting in rush hour traffic so we decided to run over to the Goodwill first.

I usually don't get to look at the 'breakables' too closely because there are two little girls who are always tagging along with me and they like to touch everything also.

But this time I did and look what we found!!!

Actually, my Mom found it!!

It's a Longaberger Woven Traditions 1-Pint Crock!! (Paprika)

Do you know how much this retails for? Well, I didn't at first so my mom called her friend up.


How much did I pay for it? Are you ready for it? 99 cents!!!!!

Not a single thing wrong with it!! It is Bee-U-tee-full!!!

Onto my other purchases!!

I think I paid about 79 cents a piece for these little beauties!!

And between 59 cents and 99 cents for these cups and candleholders.

Now you are probably saying, "Wow! That's cheap! But what do you plan on doing with those mismatched items?"
Well, I have a plan!!! and they are almost finished, I just have to find the right place to put them and then I will post the pictures!!
Hopefully before the end of the month!!!

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