Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a Wonderful Day!

So, I know I have been doing some complaining the past couple of days. I feel bad about that but today seemed to be a much better day. It started out kinda crazy but all was good.
First off, I woke up late for church this morning. I only had an hour to get my 4 girls, my hubby and myself ready. I'm sure this is an easy task for most. But I'm still working on it. I usually get every body else ready and save myself for last. So I only look 'half' put together when everybody else always looks so nice. Not this morning though. I took my shower, got dressed, fixed my hair and put on my makeup before I even attempted to get anyone else ready. Buy the time we all got loaded in the van we had just enough time to get to church without being late. (this of course being without any major dilemas) So we pull into the parking lot, feeling kinda proud cause there are a couple other people walking in too. Sean gets the 3 bigger girls out and I go to get Hayleigh out. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! There was poop were she had been sitting!!!!!!! I calmly told S to take his 3 in and I would deal with H. He said, "but i don't want to go in by myself" Cute, Huh? I said, 'i'll be right there, it's better i'm late instead of all of us' So he went in. I was sooo proud of him!! What a big boy!! LOL :D
Church was Excellent! We hadn't been for a couple of Sundays. I hate it when we miss like that. I really needed church. I know that's why today has been such a good day! We took the kids to eat pizza. Came home and just had a lazy day. It was great!
We just met a little puppy we will be adopting. We will get him next Tuesday after we get back from MO! Yay!!

I'm sure it could have been worse!

Last night or actually Thursday night since it is Saturday now. I went to bed hoping to sleep all night. I think Hayleigh is teething, therefore I don't know if we are getting a full nights sleep these days or breaking it up every 2 or 3 hours. Which sucks cause she was sleeping so good for a month. Anywho. This morning aka Friday. I woke up feeling pretty refreshed. Excited about getting my to-do list wiped out. Since it wasn't very long. Madison and Taylor asked if they could play the computer since I downloaded the "Kidzui" site. I've let them roam around on that. I told them not yet. I haven't turned the computer on yet. We need to eat breakfast. While they were finishing up there breakfast I slipped back into the kitchen and turned the computer on. All I got was a blank screen. I got a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just knew that I had some kind of worm, virus, bug. Whatever the hell gets into your computer and seizes everything up. Right now we barely have any money for groceries. Where was I going to find the cash to fix our computer. That wasn't the only thing I was worried about. All I could think about and try not to vomit while I was crying hysterically was the pictures that are sitting on my computer that I haven't got developed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I know!!! Why were they sitting on there in the first place???? They should have been on discs or on some website or better yet developed. Once again I haven't put the money forth for those yet. I thought it was more important to have a house and food and such. Silly me I know!!! Anyhoo!! I'm crying around not sure what I'm gonna do. For goodness sake there are 5 months worth of pictures of the newest Hood girl on there and I just know they are all lost. So I call Sean crying. I'm sure that by the way I started he thought somebody had died. poor guy. He told me to call the Geek Squad, but I didn't know how much they cost and I didn't have their number cause... Hello? don't i need the internet to look that up. God forbid i look for a phone book! But I did end up finding our phone book and i turned to the yellow pages to computer. I said a little prayer to God to help me find somebody. Wherever my finger stopped thats who I called. That poor man was so nice. I told him what my problem was and he said there is a 95% chance that my stuff won't be lost. I felt a little better but I'm not gonna get my hopes up!!!

After all that business the day did seem to get better. The sun finely came out and I marked off all the items on my list. I got to hang out with the girls. We made paper airplanes. That was fun, They LOVED throwing them off the stairs. yes I said throwing them. They weren't actually flying!!
Then my nice neighbors kept 3 of the girls while I ran to Wal-Mart to get stuff for supper. I only had the baby which was nice! I fed her before we left and she slept the whole time! I think she was just glad to have some quiet time herself!!
I better get to bed. Hopefully tomorrow a lady from the min pin rescue center will be coming with a puppy that we are wanting to adopt. If she doesn't come tomorrow then it will be Sunday. We are all so excited about getting a dog. I will have to blog about that later. That's a whole nother story!
Ahhhhhhhhh.......................I've missed this. This works so much better than a diary :D

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Money, Money, Moneeeeeey!!

It never seems to matter how much money you have. There ALWAYS seems to be the need or want for a little more. That's how I am feeling right now. Sean makes great money to support us. And I am very fortunate and lucky to get to stay home with the girls. ( I know I complain sometimes, but I TRULY do enjoy staying home with them!) Mom stayed home with us when we were little and I am so glad she was able to do that. That is what I want for my children also.
Here it is Thursday....Sean just got paid yesterday and we are already down to less then $100 to make it through till next Wednesday. We need groceries. So I am trying to get creative with what we have. Tonight is leftover night. So that will save me some money there. But I do need to go buy diapers, so that blows a good portion of that!
I keep telling myself next month will be better. The reason we are short is because we drove to MO last month. Both Sean and I. So that was gas in 2 vehicles. Plus I had to buy some paint for the house. Money I thought we had and then came up short.
I always think....if there was just an extra $20. But that would get spent anyway. I know, I know. Shave some money off somewhere. I do try to do that. Give up satellite you say. Well, I would do that, but I feel after a hard days work, Sean should be able to sit and watch drag racing, or wrestling if he wants. He shouldn't be punished for 'bringing home the bacon'!!
So now that I have vented, I will go on with my day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today is already a Helava' day! (and it's not even noon yet!!)

This morning seemed to start off pretty good! Hayleigh slept all night. She's hasn't done that for a few nights. So I got some good sleep and woke up pretty chipper. I had a couple minutes with Sean before the kiddos arose! So that was really nice. Since he didn't get home till 10 last night. I got to enjoy my cup o' joe and started a load of laundry.
The girls were behaving really well, until their father left. Now Dakoda has been screaming. I mean SCREAMING!!! She will not just talk to you. It's SCREAMING at you. Poor thing. I think she is ready for the big girls to go to school so she can have some peace and quiet.
I have all these big hopes of getting things accomplished once the older 2 are in school for the day. Like unpacking boxes. Getting rid of the clutter. SCRAPBOOKING!!!!! Or at least getting my scrapbooking room in order so that I can do that!!! But I seriously see me and the 2 little girls just lounging around the house and napping all day like cats!!! :)
Now that I've written this. It doesn't seem like such a bad day at all so far. Hayleigh is napping. I have decluttered my leftover bowls and lids. I have began to declutter my HOT ZONES. I need to go get started on Dakoda's room. I would like to have that in order so I can paint it! I sure love the Fly Lady. I feel better about so much already!!!
I just wish my scrapbooking stuff would get here. It's not like I can use it right now, but it sure is pretty to look at and know that I have it!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

None of the Below!

All of those pictures I posted of houses are none of the ones we even looked at. We ended up looking at about 10 houses. We chose the last pretty much because we were exhausted. Sean said, 'lets get it' and I said 'ok!' Later I regretted it because I couldn't even remember what it looked like inside!! LOL It drove me crazy so I googled the address and found a website that contained All the pictures of the house. I was so happy. I felt that finally we were doing a good thing. I didn't have buyers remorse the whole time we were getting our loan and filling out papers!!

So here is a picture of the house we did buy!!

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