Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hayleigh is about to turn 1!!
On Monday in fact!
So why did I have the 'hair-brained' idea to do this? Why didn't I do this sooner, Like last year or maybe 3 years ago when I had Dakoda?


Last night I decided I would wake up this morning and research the cost! I will save about $100 or more. I just figured on this for 1 year. I'm sure she won't be potty trained by 2, but the way my luck goes sometimes.....She might!!

I just placed my order and they should be arriving next week! AFTER she turns 1.
Am I crazy??? Or was this a good idea?

My name is Jessica and I am a cloth diapering mother...
Who woulda thunk that!
Maybe I should change my title to....Why didn't I start that sooner?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Theyyyy'rrrreeee Heeeerrrreeeee!!!!!

I'm just gonna lay this out for you like I see and feel it! Ever since we moved into this house. I. ALWAYS. FEEL. LIKE. SOMEBODY. IS. WATCHING. MEEEEE!!!!!

It's usually when the older girls are at school and the little ones are napping or when EVERYONE else is asleep and I'm the ONLY ONE awake!

Just a little bit ago I came out of the laundry room and glanced upstairs because it looked like someone ran into my scrappin' room.

Then I was taking a shower and I could have sworn somebody was in my bathroom!

This happens a lot in the evenings.....I'll be sitting in the living room. The little heater is running and the ceiling fan circulates the air.....The rooms all nice and toasty.....Then, BAM there is a coooool little breeze blowing through the room.....I know, I get *piloerection* EVERYTIME!!!
(Merriam-Websters Dictionary- involuntary erection or bristling of hairs due to a sympathetic reflex usually triggered by cold, shock, or fright or due to a sympathomimetic agent ) just incase you didn't know!

Now, I'm not scared, it's just a little annoying! I don't like PEOPLE watching me so I don't want anything else to either! As long as they aren't hurting my kids or my hubby or me, they can stay. If for some reason they start acting nasty, then I'll just have to go Supernatural on their butts!!!

This is Jensen Ackles, a.k.a. Dean!!

He's Hawt too!!!

I've lived with ghosts before. But I knew them. I don't know who the ones here are.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I was sitting on the couch earlier while Sean was watching wrestling. I usually try to find something else to do because I don't enjoy watching his 'soap opera'. I forgot that I use to watch on Monday nights.
This little hottie is the reason why I used too and why I shall start again!!


Not Me Monday #1

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

1) I DID not get Thanked infront of everyone after church yesterday for putting on the Valentine's Dinner (And the guy sitting behind me DID not ask his wife, "Who's That?")

2) I DID not sit in front of the computer ALL afternoon yesterday instead of cleaning my house!

3) I DID not just finish cleaning up the kitchen from this weekend!

4) I DID not honk the horn at Taylor while she had her head stuck in the fridge and make her cry!

5) I DID not pick up dog poo off my bedroom floor because I DID not forget to let the dog out!

6) I DID not cry because Taylor used the rest of my body wash!

7) I DID not sit down and crochet a washcloth instead of folding laundry!

8) I DID not feed my kids leftovers TWICE yesterday!

9) I DID not turn the doorbell off so I wouldn't know if the neighbor's kids were coming over to play!

10) I DID not give Hayleigh cough medicine from the last time she was sick so I could go to sleep last night!

11) I DID not just lay Hayleigh down for a nap so I could type this without a baby attached to my booby!

NOT ME!!!!

So? What didn't you do?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Know...I Know.... I'm Lame

Yesterday I realized I was needing some new shoes to wear to the Dinner. So I ran up to Payless and they were having their BOGO. (When don't they?) Usually I can't find anything or I don't see anything that I. HAVE. TO HAVE. or they have something really really cute, but only in the smaller sizes...grrrrr...

Not yesterday my friends. I think I found a heck of a deal!
Not one pair but two!!!
I purchased my first and second pairs of heels. I have never bought heels before!!
This snazzy little pair cost $19.99

And these little beauties. What a steal!!

Pair #1

Pair #2

Oh, and please excuse the 'honeycomb' vinyl in my bathroom! That WILL. BE. GONE. next year with tax return. I'm sure the money this year will end up going to 'Dear Sir'.

I usually only participate in the BOGO when buying my children shoes. But I hadn't bought any for awhile.....so, why not.

Pair #2 was regular $26.99, the sale price was $17.99 and I got them for $8.99!!

Whoo-hoo!! I am quite excited!!

Kinda Glad It's Over.

The past couple of weeks I have been getting ready for the Valentine's Dinner at my church.
A couple of months ago I had felt moved to volunteer for a couple of positions at the church. I know....What was I thinking? Right? I was going to help another lady with the 'Fellowship Committee'. She decided her baby was going to be due early February so she wanted to pass off the little dinner thing to me! That's all fine and dandy, I don't mind helping a person out. BUT, I wasn't even here last year so I didn't even know what was expected of me. This was the '5th Annual' and I sure as hell did not want to mess that up!!!!!

On Friday a nice lady from church offered to help me decorate. I took the two little 'monkey-butts' with me. And we made it look pretty nice! If I do say so myself!!

Last night my family arrived an hour before it started so I could take care of anything final. There was a lady there complaining because the tables were too close together. So, the people pleaser I am, quickly arranged them to HER liking!!! What the Fark??? I shouldn't have done that!!!
We played the not-so newlywed game. Sean and I were made to sit in front of everybody with 3 other couples!! When the guys were sent out and the questions began......I will admit....I was quite frightened. You see? We were the youngest couple. But apparently that doesn't matter....even though we stay home and don't really get out much. Apparently spending ALL that time together with our kids kinda helped us out..........WE WON!!!!! WE WON WITH 110 POINTS!!!! Second place had 90. So even if we would have cheated a little...which we DID NOT! We still would have won!! Oh, and it was a gift card to go to the Movie Theater!! Which we haven't been to in a long time by ourselves. And one of the losers said she would watch our kids for us! How cool is that?? Pretty cool!!!
I didn't get any pictures. I was about to have an anxiety attack as it was. There was no way I was going to get pictures taken.
There was a guy with a camera there.. and I know he got a picture of me with my hand over my mouth when Sean gave a wrong answer. If I ever get ahold of those...I'll be sure and not share!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where Have I Been? You may or may not be asking

I have ALOT of catching up to do. I didn't post a lot last week because I was busy doing things I shouldn't have been doing! Nothing Crazy! But it was time consuming!
We went to Canton the Saturday after my birthday when my mom was here. I saw a little girl wearing the cutest overalls and new I could do that!
We found a pair of jeans that a lady was trying to sell for 25 bucks and I KNEW I could do that too for way less! Plus the older girls had some jeans with some serious knee problems and I wanted to do more than just iron a patch on them!
Well, I did do more than iron and it took me about 14 hours to get these done!
And you know how it is with kids! You don't get to work on that straight, It is broken up into pieces!!!
Here's Model Uno! Rockin' her 'new' jeans!

Dos Trouble! Likes her Pink!!

Lil D Loves her some Strawberry Shortcake!!

Hayleigh showin off her paisely and sippin' and standin' skills!

I had fun making these! I need to get my house back in order now before I start the next set! It ALWAYS looks like a tornado has blown through when I work on my little projects!!

Valentine's party yesterday

Madison and Taylor had their parties yesterday. I loaded up the 2 little sleepy heads and headed up to the school to try and devide my time evenly between both classes. (Thankfully they are down the same hallway so I don't kill much time racing between classes!)
I went to Taylor's first because her party ended first and then to Madison's. Taylor followed me to M's party because apparently her teacher lets her do whatever she wants because she is such an 'awesome student'! Why can't she be that way here at home? She fights me tooth and nail on everything!

So, back to the party. I was watching Hayleigh chew up, er read books in M's room and there was this commotion. I looked up and Madison was giggling and the other girls were oohing and ahhing and her teacher looked at me across the room and said, 'Can you believe it's started already?' I looked back over at M and she had a red gift bag!
Second grade and I've lost her to a boy!!! LOL
I started thinking back and I was in 3rd grade. They say kids are aging quicker now and I'm just not ready for it.
I think Sean and I handled it very well. We listened to her oooh and ahhh over him all night last night. It was pretty funny!

She would say: I don't really like him. He chases me at recess ALL the time. He's such a fast runner! I guess I kinda like him.

Me: Is he cute?

M: No! Well, a little.

Me: I see.

M: I don't like him. I can't believe he gave me this stuffed animal!

Sean: Now that's not nice. Don't tell him you don't like him. That will hurt his feelings.
Just be nice to him. You don't want to make him cry do you?

M: No! He's a nice boy.

She slept with the animal last night.
Oh puppy love! I hope her heart doesn't get broken too soon. *sigh*

Happy Valentine's Day!

I let the girls play on the computer via "Kidzui's" website. Dakoda already knows how to cruise around on there quite well. Clicking on everything. I'm going to be fighting her for computer time!

She found this little video and I wanted to share it with you!

The sound isn't working on my computer for some reason? But I hope you all enjoy it!!

Happy Valentine's Day from My Family to Yours!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How can you not chuckle?

My house phone just rang and I ALWAYS jump when it does. Usually the only people who call our house phone are THE neighbors and people wanting to sign me up for stuff that I already have for cheaper then what I paid....i.e. Dish Network, ADT, Playboy(just kidding, we had to cancel cause it was getting too expensive and the girls found out where we were hiding it!) OOPS!!!

Anyway, I answered the phone

Me: Hello? (I always answer the phone with a question mark. Is that weird?

Caller: Hello. Is this Jessica Hood? (It was a sweet little girls voice) This is Celeste.

Me: Yes.

Caller: I'm sorry to be calling at this hour. (*It's 3:10pm hehe) But I just wanted to tell Madison that since I got my new phone I wanted to talk to her and give her my number.

Me: Okay, would you like to talk to Madison?

Caller:Oh, Yes please.

Me: Alright, just a second.


just kidding! she was right beside me!! It's like she was expecting the phone call or something!! LOL

Kids are cute!
But my kids aren't getting phones for a LONG time yet!

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