Tuesday, May 18, 2010

such a change.....

I've had all of these wonderful things floating around in my head for days. I've been wanting to post such pleasant things. I even had something float through my head a little earlier today.
Now I just feel like a big ol' bag of messed up craziness and all those pretty things are gone.
Hopefully my happy self will be back tomorrow cause this really sucks!!
I think I'm just finally fed up with feeling like everyone wants me to be around as long as their things are getting accomplished but once it's done so are they. GRRR.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Titles are so hard for me!

When I have 'free' time, I don't use it like I should. When I have things planned or going on, that's when I think of ALL the things I could be doing!
Last week, for instance, I babysat that cute little princess in my last post! And I was able to get absolutely nothing accomplished! I didn't even get any of my cleaning done that is on my daily cleaning calendar!! I completely forgot how hard it is for me to get anything done with a child in this house who is younger than oh, I don't know? Entertaining themselves age!! ha!
My house is by no means spotless! I am a MESSY!! There, I've said it!! I have tried so hard my whole life to keep things clean and clear of clutter but I NEVER succeed! I have to tell you my friends that I am getting closer! I am going through all of the girls clothes, toys and what nots and I am putting them in a garage sale!! There are things in the garage that have been boxed up for almost two years this month and I am going through them and getting rid of things!! I have held on to too much for sentimental reasons and that is just stupid. I see that now. I have been coming across things and wondering why in the heck I still have it!?!?!

My goal this week is to continue adding to my garage sale pile! but of course I have an excuse! For the past couple of days I have been working on a poodle skirt for my friend. They are having a Sock Hop at the girls school next Friday and she was needing one! Of course I told her I would do it! I LOVE doing all those crafty, sewing projects!! The only down side is that I have put the little girls' skirts on the back burner! Then sweet Mad told her teacher that I was making a poodle skirt for my friend so her teacher wants one also! Hopefully that one goes quicker. I tend to take forever the first time and then get the others done ALOT quicker! No matter what the project is!

Okay, so that is one excuse! What's next? It just so happens to be 'Teacher Appreciation' week and I have nothing done for that! Go Me! I was wanting to send something each day, but I'm afraid it will have to ONE BIG ORDEAL on Friday!!

and the third is actually a little exciting!! We paid our van off the beginning of March with the intention of 'bulking' up our savings. Well, we all know where good intentions take us!!! Don't we?
Tay ended up breaking her arm and the lovely Dr. we took her to for the cast doesn't work well with Personal care accounts. So we ended up paying $600 out of pocket that should have come out of that! Yippey!! And we will NOT be recieving that money until the middle of this month because they like to wait until ALL of the insurance claims have been filed and then just cut one big refund check! Why do things have to get so complicated? Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that we even have this insurance, it's just such a pain in the butt to wait to get OUR money back! So, as you can guess, NO money has gone into savings!
Back to what will be going on tomorrow evening......Sean found a truck he liked yesterday that will hold all 6 of us and he really wants to buy it. There was some things they needed to fix on it tomorrow so as soon as they are done we are hoping to go pick it up.

I apologize for this kind of straying. I just lost my train of thought. I sat down on the couch to type this up right quick while the littles were on the other computer and sure enough they high-tailed it in here to 'yap' in my ear!! Dak has been constantly talking to me during this whole post so honestly I can't even remember what I just typed!!!
I guess I just need to go to bed and start everything tomorrow!!!

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