Monday, November 17, 2008

No Blogging

I will be out of touch with 'Blogland' for awhile. We are going up to MO for an early Thanksgiving and Christmas visit. My mom still has dial-up and it's a little difficult for me to even consider using the computer at my in-laws. I will miss all of my fellow bloggers dearly.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Canton!!! Only the World's Largest outdoor Trade days!!

A week ago my mom and a couple of her friends came down from Missouri to attend 'First Monday' in Canton, TX.

(They came to see us of course too! But only because we had a free place to stay and some food!! Just kidding mom!!)

Anyway, This place is amazing! They have everything!!!! We didn't even see half of it!! That would take the WHOLE 4 days it goes on!!!

100 acres of EVERYTHING!!!!

I'll post some more pics later, but I at least wanted to get this up here!

If anybody wants to come out and go to this you are welcome to stay at my house! I am only 42.8 miles from it (according to google) and I won't even charge you to use my air mattress!!

Pumpkin Patch Day (If that's what you want to call it!)

Finally! One of my posts I've been meaning to get up here!!
Two weeks ago yesterday, my in-laws left, taking my neices and nephew with them, after spending the weekend with us. So, to ease the heartache my girls were feeling as they drove off. S and I decided to take them to the pumpkin patch. I had done a little researching since we are new to the area this fall hoping to find something fun! I was willing to drive up to an hour away. (I guess we should have looked farther!)

A place in Flower Mound sounded fun. So we fed the kids lunch, filled up their water bottles and loaded them into the van! We began our drive! Personally, I was pretty excited. I always LOVE taking my kiddos to places like this! We knew there was going to be two farms right next to each. They looked to offer pretty much the same things and parking was free along with their bounce houses and 'hay tower'.

Just M and T took a nap on the way there. They were exhausted after their busy weekend!

Upon arriving S was asking, "This one or the next one? This one or the next one?" I said, I don't know just pick a drive way. So he quickly whipped into the first one. We found us a parking spot and walked into the 'area.'

Honestly, I was a little disappointed. Okay, not a little, ALOT!!! The pumpkins where spread out on the ground and all the smaller more reasonably priced ones were set in piles!

We let the girls jump in the bounce houses a little bit and slide down the slides. Then there were a couple of photo opps. The girls 'looked' at the petting zoo. (A couple of goats!)
(I guess her nose is itching! But to be perfectly honest...I'm just not sure?)

And picked their pumpkins! Then we were outta there! I felt bad for the girls, we were there right under an hour.


Our day at the 'Pumpkin Patch' turned into 'HAPPY HOUR AT SONIC DAY!!!'

I could not stress to my children ENOUGH how AWESOME it is to get 5 of us each our OWN drinks for $5!!! The simple pleasures we enjoy!!It's amazing how happy they were when they got THEIR drinks!! It was hot outside!! We were hot!! These drinks were NOT!!!

I know, I know....this is a HORRID picture of me, but it was hot outside, unbelievably Hot and i wanted you to see how greatful I was for my drink!! I usually don't look like this! It's usually much worse!! Ha!!

This is how stinkin' hot it was!!! Nobody!!! I repeat NOBODY!!! should be out gathering pumpkins on the 26th day in October when the temperature is this high!!!!

But, we did it!!! Chalk it up to the love of fall and wanting to give your children some memories!!! This really isn't what I had planned!!! But does it ever turn out that way?? I think NOT!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A sad day in this Texas House

I was mopping the kitchen floor this evening before dinner. (weird I know, but I knew I wouldn't want to do it after. I'm just different like that!)
I was cleaning the floor by the hamster cage and I noticed that she was NOT moving. I gave her 'bedroom' a little tap....and nothing...another little tap.....still nothing......i jiggled the cage a little and decided she was dead. Usually after the first couple taps she about jumps out of her skin and gives me a evil glare. Nothing this time.
Now to break it to the girls. M seemed to be fine with it. I had briefed them before that hamsters really don't live that long. T started to cry. Then she told me she would be okay though because we still have Evan. I haven't even said anything to D yet. I really don't think she will even notice until the cage is gone.
As an animal lover I am sad to see this little creature dead. Anytime I see any animal dead it makes me sad. Even squirrels and other roadkill smashed in the middle of the highway. (Sorry, a tad too graphic!)
But I have to tell you that as a mother and the caretaker of this house......I'm glad to see the little bastard gone!!
No more changing the stinky bedding.
No more turds falling out of the excerise ball as she rolls through the house.
No more 11pm hamster wheel squeaking.
No more 12am hamster wheel squeaking.
No more 2 am hamster wheel squeaking.
No more 4 am hamster well, you get the picture...
No more of her trying to bite me when I show her any kind of affection. (She doesn't like to be touched)
No more 'spraying her stink' on me when I actually do get her picked up.
No more bedding laying on the floor around her cage, (cause she can't find her food she buried)
No more turds laying on the floor around her cage because she dropped them down the chute and they fell out! Blech!!

I'm sure there's others, but I hate to go on since she was a nice little pet. Sad to say the only reason we got her in the first place was because we were to cheap to pay the deposit on a real animal when we were renting in NM.

So fair well stinky Charmony!! You will be missed by all!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another quicky!

D was playing so nicely in the living room yesterday while I was cleaning up the house.

Until I walked in and saw THIS!!!

She had gotten into some of T's makeup that she received for her birthday! (Thanks Grammy!)

She managed to 'hide' it and pull it out when she needed it!!

She did not know the mess she had made on her face until she followed me into the bathroom and looked in the mirror! I wish I would have gotten a picture of that!!!

D said: OOOOOHH, I need a wippee!! Dat too much!!

Me: Well no sh**!!! ( I didn't really say that, but it sure wanted to come out of my mouth!!!)

She did this RIGHT before we had to get the girls from school and it would not come off. Everybody kept asking if she had eaten a cupcake or candy or something!!

There is still a small bit of evidence tonight!!

CVS bargain

This is not a post I've been meaning to add. But something did happen this evening so I thought I would get this up here real quick!

I had to run M to Girl Scouts this evening and since the parents can't stay I ran over to CVS to get some duct tape. (That story will be another post!) While there I saw their Halloween was 90% off! What a deal! I've never been in CVS, I'm more of a Walgreen's girl. Nothing against CVS, this is just the first time I've ever lived near one.

I filled out the 'paperwork' and got my card!

I figured I'd grab a couple of wigs that were regular $4.99. So in my head I was thinking, "90% off that? That's cheap!! I grabbed four....well why not? I have 4 girls and I might want to wear one!!
So I was checking out!
girl: do you have your CVS card?
(Mind you, this is the little lady that took my info)
Me:yes mam, here you go!
(Are you kidding me? Of course I have my card! I JUST got it!!)
(I should have known right there, things were not going to go the 'right' way!)
girl: Well, these aren't ringing up the way they are supposed's 90% off of 4.99??
Me:looking at the girl and smiling, shrugging my shoulders, thinking, I don't know. my brains not working. do you have a calculator????
girl: Okay, well, I'm going to take off $3.00
Me:I'm kinda in a hurry, do what you can.(thinking in a nice way, i don't want to think rude thoughts!)
girl: Okay, your total is: $8.62
me: Okay! (that sounds kind of high, but she's the one with name tag!)
girl: have a nice night!

I head out to the car, kind of in a hurry, only because S is home with 3 children and 1 is a baby and he gets all nervous!

I start calculating in my head that I paid WAY too much for those wigs!!!!! I was over charged $1.50 for each wig!!!

So, I run home for a bit and then go pick up M. We head over to CVS to get some money back. I know this is probably wrong, but I let the people at the store do their job and I ended up making

$1.26 out of this whole deal!!! What are the chances of that?? They put $9.88 on a CVS card for me!! How great is that?? If anyone knows of some good deals right now going on there. Let me know and I might go get me something!! Maybe I should just get more wigs!!??!!

We all look a little crazy with our red eyes!!! I guess I should have gotten rid of that before posting?!

A tad behind!

There are a couple of posts I've been meaning to get done, but haven't... we had company to weekends in a row! Exciting, but tiring. So be on the lookout! They are some goodies!!



This was my first time ever! I'm so PROUD to be an AMERICAN!!!

If you haven't voted yet, please do so! YOUR vote matters!!

Oh, by the way... I am a little miffed! I didn't even get a sticker, saying 'I VOTED'!!! What a rip off!!!! I was so upset! My first time voting and I didn't get a sticker!!!!
Now I know how my kiddos feel when they don't get their stickers!!! .....IT SUCKS!!!!!

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