Saturday, September 20, 2008


The girls are playing t-ball/softball this year. They've never played before and I honestly do not know why we haven't had them on a team? The only reason it happened this year was because our new neighbors coach a team and we were invited to play on it! Yay!!

We had one practice on Saturday the 6th and then Sunday night at 9pm Dawn (our neighbor) ran over and told us we had a game Monday night!!! So Monday morning I had to go get t-shirts and get "Ladybugs" put on the front with their nicknames and number on the back! Talk about a whirlwind morning!!! LOL

We were late to the game because of some miscommunication on the directions. We left in plenty of time we just didn't go to the correct spot until the game was starting! To top it off, it was sprinkling. The girls were nervous! Oh, yeah! To back track, Monday morning when I woke Maddie up for school and told her about the game. All she could keep saying was, "Crap! Crap, crap, crap!! I don't know how to play the game!!! We've only had ONE practice!!!"

I chuckled about that all day!!

To make matters worse, Madison was passed while she was on 2nd base. The batter passed her because the 3rd base coach did not tell her to run. I felt bad because then there was an out. Which was fine. Lesson learned. Or so I thought. Next time the Ladybugs were up to bat, it happened again. In front of me a guy and a couple girls where saying. 'She just stands there!!!' 'That's the second time that's happened.' What's wrong with her?'

The 'momma bear' in me kicked in and I said, "Well, this is the first time she's ever played!!!!!" He says, " Has she been to practice?" Momma bear: "She went to the ONE practice we had!!!"

Guy: "Oh! Well, she will get better as the season goes on!" DAMN RIGHT SHE WILL!!!! I told myself!!

I told my mom the story and she wondered if the guy knew who my husband was?? I thought that was pretty funny. Apparently he didn't, but he found out at the next game!! LOL

Sean was coaching 1st base and the regular for 3rd wasn't there so the 'guy' had to coach 3rd.

Sean asked me later what was up with the 3rd base coach cause he didn't stay on the field. I told S he was the one who was talking about M! He said, 'Oh... that explains it!!'

The 3rd game, 'guy' had to coach 3rd base again and after the game S told me that 'guy' told him that your girls have made 'great advances'!! S said he was stuttering when he said. We think he was kissing hiney and not wanting a fight!!! LOL

Anyway, the 3rd game was really good! Taylor scored 3 runs and Madison hit a home run!! It was so much fun!! We got to get ice cream from DQ afterwards!! Thanks Maddie!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Tooth!!

My last babies first tooth is just breaking through the gum!! I am both happy and sad!! I don't have a toothless little cutie anymore! Now I have a precious little baby who is probably going to try and bite my poor boobies while I am feeding her!!! I know it will be fine. The other 3 girls already had between 2 and 4 teeth already! This is definately a blessing!!
Not the best picture but what do you expect from a little wiggler?!
It's just the bottom right for now, but upon closer inspection I'm sure the left is closely behind.
I find it odd that both dog and baby are cutting teeth! What are the chances of that happening??


So, our puppy is losing his baby teeth. Actually, he's been doing this for awhile. I haven't had any problems with it and I guess I still don't. The lady who brought him told us he would be doing this and the only question I had for her was whether or not I was going to be finding baby teeth around or if he was going to swallow them? Silly, I know but I figured one of the kids would pick them up and eat them!! (Dakoda!!)
Anyway the whole reason for this post is: The other day I was playing fetch with Evan and I've been instructing the girls not to rip the toy out of Evan's mouth when he brings it back. Either wait for him to drop it or use the command 'drop-it' They were doing pretty good or so I thought until Madison screams, 'WHY IS THERE BLOOD ALL OVER THE CHEW TOY!!!?????!!!!' Upon closer inspection there were just a couple red spots here and there. But I looked in E's mouth anyway and sure enough a tooth was gone! I was a little wierded out. I was hoping like heck that it was a baby tooth gone and not an adult.
I kind of forgot about it for a week and yesterday when we were playing fetch again, (we play everyday, it's not just once a week in case you are wondering! :D ) I looked in his mouth just to check on his teeth and he has 2 rows of everything!!!!! (Well, almost, not the one that came out of course!) But it reminded me of a sharks teeth!!
When I told Sean the story, he thought he was being clever when he called Evan 'Shark-Dog'!! I didn't argue! I let him have his glory! I wanted to post a picture, but I couldn't get the puppy to hold still long enough to do that! That would have been the perfect time to have 2 or 3 more arms and hands!!
Till next time!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm still here!!!

So, a lot has happened in the past month that I have not blogged. Believe me, they are legit. The biggest was my computer crashing a couple days after my last post. The tech guy first told me that it probably just needed to be rebooted and everything would be fine. WRONG!! It crashed, everything was gone. Big dork that I am, didn't save my pictures that I had on the computer and those are gone. I lost just about everything of Hayleigh's first 4 months of life. The only thing I have is what I had put on myspace. Thank the Lord for Myspace. I guess it is good for something after all! :D
So as a side note: If anyone has any pictures of my precious baby I would sure love you forever if you could send them my way!!!
I am FLYing with FLYLADY these days. I sure enjoy it. I can not get organized for the life of me and keep this house in order. But FLYLADY has shown me the way!!
I am super excited to say that I will be scrapbooking more. Now that I have become a CTMH Consultant!! Those should be some exciting posts to come!!

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