Sunday, August 15, 2010

We are STILL ALIVE!!!!

There is so much that has gone on in the last two months!!!
and I can't believe none of it has showed up on here! I start talking to myself about what we have been doing this summer and then I look at my blog and it's not on here!!!

Let me tell you I have BIG PLANS for getting that straightened out!!
School starts in 1 week and I have never been so excited to ship my kids back to school before!!
Do you know why I am so excited??? It's probably mean of me......just a little..... but my younger two are going to 'school' also for 2 days a week!!!! Sean let me enroll them in the Mother's Day Out Program and I am going to have about 9 1/2 hours a week, all to myself!!!
Grocery shopping by myself!!! What's that??? This is going to be a whole new deal to me!!! The last time I was able to go grocery shopping by myself and not have to rush to get back was 9 years and 2 months ago!!! Scary stuff, huh??

I'm hoping to finish getting the house organized (aka decluttered), set up for a humongo garage sale, make hair bows and other crafts to sell, work my scrapbooking business, set up a meal plan so I can 'freezer' cook for the month, BLOG!!!!, and probably a few more things....... Now that I'm looking at this list, I'm getting super scared and I'm probably going to end up sitting in a corner sucking my thumb and rocking my self for the first 2 months that I don't have ALL of my children with me!!!!!

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