Monday, December 21, 2009

To-Do, To-Do, To-Do....

It seems like my To-Do List isn't getting any shorter and Christmas will be knocking in a couple more days. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not getting anything done or if I am adding more things to it?? It is probably a mixture of both, if that is possible!

Today we are making rolled out sugar cookies, putting together a Gingerbread house, baking and icing said sugar cookies, going out into the world to purchase a couple of last minute items today (with ALL 4 of my children) start wrapping gifts so I know who I have forgotten!
Which by the way, I know one of those forgotten gift receivers is Hayleigh!!
How can I forget to buy my youngest a Christmas gift? It's quite easy honestly. She doesn't NEED anything. We have an abundance of toys, dolls and clothes from the other girls! She's happy as a clam playing with all of that and old cell phones!! I just have no idea what to get her!!
If the older two weren't so observant Santa could just recycle some things around here!!

Okay, back to my To-Do's......
I WILL stay on track today and get this done! Plus, I want to enjoy the 16 days of my children being home and not have schedules to stick to. If I keep them entertained maybe there won't be so much bickering and pestering going on! (Yeah, right! A mother can dream! Right?)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There May Be A Name Change in My Future!

Well, my blogs future anyway..
I'm going to finish something this week!
It wasn't Monday like I planned on and it wasn't yesterday. I'm hoping for this afternoon but I highly doubt it. It does HAVE to be done by Friday though.
What is this I am talking about?
A craft? Fixing something around the house? Sewing one of my children's pants back together?

No, it is something much harder for me than ALL of my "To-Do" and "Haven't Got It Done" lists combined!!

I am going to tell my neighbor that I am FINISHED watching her little boy! I have let things build up to the point of no return and I have to put my foot down. This is the only way I see that happening.
I am such a quitter!!!!
There! I said it!!! I'm a QUITTER!!! I am by no means proud of it but this 'Babysitting' job is causing major problems at my house!
I am neglecting my own children to take care of another for a measly two dollars an hour.
I know money isn't everything but if I'm going to be neglecting my own children to care for another who needs more attention than I can give by all means pay me more so I can pay somebody else to watch my kids!!!
It's not helping my marriage either. This morning our doorbell rang at 7 because I hadn't opened my front door yet!! I may be out of line but isn't that a little rude? I mean, would it be too much to ask for you to Knock first???

There is a whole list of other things I've been letting happen by not putting my foot down. But I don't want to air everything. I'm a little embarressed by the way I have been letting people treat me!

On another note, Sean has given me his full blessing to go gung-ho with working my Scrapbooking business. That's a super-duper plus! He has been surprising me everyday for the past couple of months! I think he's getting pretty excited about turning 30 on Saturday!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

3 Months and 2 Days....

since my last post and I probably wouldn't be able to tell you a single thing that has happened!
Well, that would be a lie.... so I think I will just start fresh!!
Because if I start dwelling on the things I haven't blogged about in the past 3 months I will probably just start crying!! (One of which was me not telling Taylor's birth story) My heart still aches a little everytime I think of that. But there is next year and that one post I didn't do is probably the real reason I haven't been blogging.
So, back to the reason why I am blogging.....
(Did anyone else have a 'Clark Griswold' moment there? I sure did!!)
I know, I know, it's not Christmas yet, but we ALWAYS have a hard time keeping presents from each other. Plus I picked out and ordered it so I guess it really doesn't count! Right?
I have been dreaming about the day that I had my Laptop and I could be sitting somewhere Blogging!! (Instead of stuck off in some other room by myself) And this day has finally come!!
I'm going to be a blogging son of a gun!! Of course after I finish EVERYTHING that has to be done before Christmas.
I guess I will start blogging after the New Year :(
I'm going to make my little To-Do list right here so I can come back and check it and hopefully blog a little!

1. Clean entire frickin' house before Christmas because Sean's parents and brother's family are coming down to spend New Years with us! (That! My Wonderful Friends will be a couple of posts in and of it's self!! I'm sure I will be hiding in a closet somewhere typing about that one while they are here!!!)

2. Finish up a couple of Craft's for a PTA Money Raiser at the girl's school.

3. Finish up Christmas Shopping and wrap all presents before the girls get out early on the 18th. (which reminds me about 4)

4. Make treats and attend each of the older girl's 'Winter Parties' ( I understand why they do that, but Merry CHRISTmas anyway!)

5. Bake some goodies and desserts for Teacher Appreciation days next week.

I thought there was more. Maybe I should have listed what I have to clean inorder to do an overhaul on my house, but then I may not have any friends anymore because you would know how messy and cluttered my house has really gotten!!

That's enough for this post or I may not be able to come up with anything else to write this year!
I think Hayleigh is ready to get out of the tub now and Sean is blown away by me typing in the bathroom. I probably need to go and check on him to see if he has recovered yet..
My reply to him was 'How do you expect me to be the next Stephanie Meyer if I can't type whenever the mood hits?'
He just walked right on out of the bathroom!!!

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