Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A little catching up to do.

My last post was 20 days ago. (No, I'm not counting the one I just did on the GCS)
Where have the days gone? Was I doing something productive or just wasting them?
Honestly, I'm not too sure. It has been quite a blur.

I felt like I had pretty good traffic flowing to my Etsy shop. Thank you everyone who checked it out!
On Thursday last week I had my first customer! Yeah!
She ended up buying 24 dishcloths from me! She wiped out my shop and requested custom white ones!
I was beyond happy, I was friggen extactic!!
Thank you so much for your order and I will be putting them in the mail tomorrow!!!!

Once I get this disaster area cleaned up and in working order, I will be making more things to put up in my shop. It looks quite bare right now!
If any of my wonderful readers would like to request something, go right ahead. I seem to be having a block right now!!!

Now I must go and feed my children...

I'm hoping I'll have better and more frequent posts coming up.
I had a wonderful one I wanted to post last week but by the time I made it to my computer....I had forgotten.
Nice? right?
........the children.........why do I keep forgetting about them?

What Rock Have I Been Living Under?

Last week......I really don't remember what day it was.?.?.? I decided to make grilled cheese for me and the little ones.

We were out of cheese slices so I used Velveeta..................................................

I know, I know...

I am probably the only person on the planet Earth who has NEVER made a Grilled Cheese with Velveeta!!

But I hadn't and now I will be damned if I ever make a grilled cheese without it!!!

I have eaten a grilled cheese just about every other day since I made it that way!

Somebody should have lined me out sooner!!!

I will NEVER EVER EVER make a grilled cheese with American slices AGAIN!!!!!

I am not denying myself and my children that warm melted goodness!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Did It.....

So on top of everything else going on around here......I decided to open an Etsy shop!
What was I thinking? I don't know....I thought it would be kind of fun.
I only have a couple of things up right now. There are more things in the works.
I am trying to upload a couple of things at a time, in between feeding the kids, changing diapers, giving baths.....this seems to be a slow process!

So, without further adu, I introduce to you GirlyThingsbyJessica!!!

Don't be too disappointed at first. I only have one thing for sale right now, but as I said before,
I am working on others!

I have been bursting at the seams to share this!!

Also if you have any ideas, please let me know. I'm open to just about anything right now!!!

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