Thursday, May 1, 2008

House Hunting!!!

Holy Cow!!!

I would really like to find a house to move into. We are pre-approved for a home loan!! Whoo-hoo!! I wasn't sure that could be done on our own, but it worked out!!!
Here are 3 houses of the 6 pages of houses I have saved!! Amazingly these are in our price range and lower. Oh to have grass again. I never thought I would miss mowing grass!! Taylor has requested we buy a house with 'two floors' because she 'likes stairs'!! :) We will see how she feels when I ask her to vacuum!?!?!

I spend what little spare time I have on the computer looking for a house. It's not like when I find one, I can just take a drive over to look at it. We are more than 10 hours away from Dallas and with the price of gas can you even imagine??? Although that would be a nice little vacation for me!! I would just leave the kiddos with Sean for awhile!! :D

Anyway, back to my first thought: It seems that all the houses I like are dropping off the market like dead flies!! Hopefully their contract was just up and maybe I can talk them into selling their home to a DESPERATE mother of 4 for a cheaper price!! If only!!!!
Well, apparently it's a good thing that I am house hunting online. Dakoda has stripped completely naked and Taylor is wrestling her to the ground trying to get her diaper back on!!

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