Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CVS bargain

This is not a post I've been meaning to add. But something did happen this evening so I thought I would get this up here real quick!

I had to run M to Girl Scouts this evening and since the parents can't stay I ran over to CVS to get some duct tape. (That story will be another post!) While there I saw their Halloween was 90% off! What a deal! I've never been in CVS, I'm more of a Walgreen's girl. Nothing against CVS, this is just the first time I've ever lived near one.

I filled out the 'paperwork' and got my card!

I figured I'd grab a couple of wigs that were regular $4.99. So in my head I was thinking, "90% off that? That's cheap!! I grabbed four....well why not? I have 4 girls and I might want to wear one!!
So I was checking out!
girl: do you have your CVS card?
(Mind you, this is the little lady that took my info)
Me:yes mam, here you go!
(Are you kidding me? Of course I have my card! I JUST got it!!)
(I should have known right there, things were not going to go the 'right' way!)
girl: Well, these aren't ringing up the way they are supposed to....so....what's 90% off of 4.99??
Me:looking at the girl and smiling, shrugging my shoulders, thinking, I don't know. my brains not working. do you have a calculator????
girl: Okay, well, I'm going to take off $3.00
Me:I'm kinda in a hurry, do what you can.(thinking in a nice way, i don't want to think rude thoughts!)
girl: Okay, your total is: $8.62
me: Okay! (that sounds kind of high, but she's the one with name tag!)
girl: have a nice night!

I head out to the car, kind of in a hurry, only because S is home with 3 children and 1 is a baby and he gets all nervous!

I start calculating in my head that I paid WAY too much for those wigs!!!!! I was over charged $1.50 for each wig!!!

So, I run home for a bit and then go pick up M. We head over to CVS to get some money back. I know this is probably wrong, but I let the people at the store do their job and I ended up making

$1.26 out of this whole deal!!! What are the chances of that?? They put $9.88 on a CVS card for me!! How great is that?? If anyone knows of some good deals right now going on there. Let me know and I might go get me something!! Maybe I should just get more wigs!!??!!

We all look a little crazy with our red eyes!!! I guess I should have gotten rid of that before posting?!

3 What's On Your Mind:

julie & joe said...

LOVE the purple hair! Can't believe the girl couldn't figure up the amount.

Mommy's Kitchen said...

To funny Jess you look so different with long hair LOL. Hey where is Haileys Wig???

Naomi said...

LOL. Love the wigs!

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