Thursday, June 4, 2009

If you have been to any of my previous homes...

you may have realized that I LOVE to decorate my home with Red, White and Blue. Anything with the United States flag on it is game for being displayed in my house.
I have decorated this way in two homes before this one and finally after almost a year here. I am starting to get my "Americana" game on!
Over Memorial Day weekend I started a little project. I had four off white coffee mugs that were in my cabinet but not really being put to use. I pulled 3 of the 4 out and spray painted two.
While they were baking, I mean drying in the sun, Sean hung the shelf.
I placed a couple of my garage sale finds, from many months ago!!!
The apple and the apple swag are from long ago also. (That was way back in the day before Home Interiors & Gifts filed bankruptcy!)
I stuck a little flag in there that we got from the Rodeo Parade awhile back and I hung my mugs on the hooks.
I don't think it could have turned out any better!

2 What's On Your Mind:

julie & joe said...

Cute! You need the new Longaberger star plates ;)

Naomi said...

it looks great!!

you are just a little Martha Stewart!!

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