Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There May Be A Name Change in My Future!

Well, my blogs future anyway..
I'm going to finish something this week!
It wasn't Monday like I planned on and it wasn't yesterday. I'm hoping for this afternoon but I highly doubt it. It does HAVE to be done by Friday though.
What is this I am talking about?
A craft? Fixing something around the house? Sewing one of my children's pants back together?

No, it is something much harder for me than ALL of my "To-Do" and "Haven't Got It Done" lists combined!!

I am going to tell my neighbor that I am FINISHED watching her little boy! I have let things build up to the point of no return and I have to put my foot down. This is the only way I see that happening.
I am such a quitter!!!!
There! I said it!!! I'm a QUITTER!!! I am by no means proud of it but this 'Babysitting' job is causing major problems at my house!
I am neglecting my own children to take care of another for a measly two dollars an hour.
I know money isn't everything but if I'm going to be neglecting my own children to care for another who needs more attention than I can give by all means pay me more so I can pay somebody else to watch my kids!!!
It's not helping my marriage either. This morning our doorbell rang at 7 because I hadn't opened my front door yet!! I may be out of line but isn't that a little rude? I mean, would it be too much to ask for you to Knock first???

There is a whole list of other things I've been letting happen by not putting my foot down. But I don't want to air everything. I'm a little embarressed by the way I have been letting people treat me!

On another note, Sean has given me his full blessing to go gung-ho with working my Scrapbooking business. That's a super-duper plus! He has been surprising me everyday for the past couple of months! I think he's getting pretty excited about turning 30 on Saturday!!

2 What's On Your Mind:

Mommy's Kitchen said...

Ok now I am really feeling old now Jess. My bday is in March and I wont be 30 :( I think you are blessed with your creativity that you should focus your blog on all the great crafts and such that you do. God knows I need help in that dept. I am always up for great new ideas and making things myself is always for me. The ornaments that you made for the donuts with santa and all the neat things you make are just the coolest. I think you should show us all through your blog how you make all those beautiful things. Everyone has there thing mine is cooking and recipes!! Girl yours are all the crafty things so get started. Share your crafts, goodies, girly things and scrapbooking stuff, I know I woud love it and so would a lot of other people. You would be surprised at how many people need step by step directions on how to make thing. Plus they would appreciate a site like that.

On the Babysitting thing someone wanted me to watch there 2 year old and offered me $50 a week. I added that up and it was less than a dollar per hour, can you believe that. I thought she needed it more than I did. Some ppl just dont get it. But I do feel for ya Jess.

Mommy's Kitchen said...

Hey Jess we need to get together when you get back in town. Mackenzie wants to play with the girls, but Carson says forget it he will stay home with daddy. I guess its a guy thing. I have something for you it is a surprise and I am hoping to get it inthe mail before you come back. You are so going to be super surprised and excited all at the same time. I hope you dont have it already. If you do you can pass yours on cause you will want mine LOL can you tell I am super excited.

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