Friday, February 5, 2010

Just Once!!! Can't it be about ME????

I was EXTREMELY Excited about this weekend!!! I have been looking forward to the first weekend in February since October! I hadn't been anticipating something like this since I'd been pregnant!
But I should have known better than to be so excited about something that only involved me and no other members of my family! S decided a couple of weeks back that while I was gone for the weekend he would take the 4 'hoodlums' with him up to see family for the weekend. When he first mentioned this I had a bit of a gut feeling that this wasn't the best idea but quickly pushed it aside. What was I worried about? I was going to be gone. He could handle the 4 kids in a car for 7 hours each way! I have done it before. Why can't he?
Oh and I guess I forgot to mention where I would be going! My first ever Scrapbooking weekend getaway!!! Now do you see why I was so excited?
So back to my husband 'babysitting' our kids for the weekend.......
guess what? he only has to watch three now!!!
Littlest Hoodlum has a bad case of butt vomit and she is in no condition to be traveling unless we want said butt vomit leaking EVERYWHERE and smelling up the van. I guess, 'we' meaning S because I wouldn't be with them.
So I guess I already gave it away that I will be the one staying home with her because it only makes sense. You see, I was the first one to make plans to be away for the weekend. and I said it would be okay for them to head north. and I don't know what else I did but I apparently am the one who get's butt detail this weekend instead of spending an 'adult only' weekend!! without my kids. did you know i have NEVER been away from ALL four of my children EVER????
I'm really not trying to sound like a big ol' baby. But I am hurt and disappointed and pissed!!!!
All rolled up into one blubbering ball of a mess!!!! And I can't even tell the other person involved in this how I really feel!!! It sucks!! I just roll over and take it!
And I made cookies to take!!! Not just regular mix em' up an bake them. NO!!! I made little cookies that look like rulers and hole punches and adhesive rollers and ink pads and little tshirts that say 'crop till u drop'!!! ALL. I. KEEP. DOING. IS. CRYING!!!!
but I have to stop because I need to finish up laundry and pack the kids clothes and make them food to eat on their drive!!


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Mommy's Kitchen said...

Gosh Jess I feel horrible now. :( I am so sorry. I know how you feel it always works out that way for mommys I guess we just cant go anywhere alone. Guys cant seem to be able to handle anything. I feel so bad I feel like I could keep Haliegh for you. I hope you got it all figured out. That is a long way to go with the girls especially one with the squirts.

Karen said...

Oh Jess.....that does suck! Shedding a few tears for you. I think that S better plan to make it up to you. It's only fair. If I was close I would be over to entertain you and cheer you up and at the minimum bring over your favorite dinner and chick flick.

BTW....I have children who have a hard time getting over that particular ailment. I learned the carrot trick a few years back. Nothing but carrots in whatever form is a great way to banish that "butt vomit."

Jeanette said...

I feel for you, both as a mommy and a scrapbooker. ;) I hope everything works out for you.

PS - your blog is amazing! :)

muahong said...

my english not well, but i understand what u hard mommy with 4 kids !
nice to known u.
i'm a mother of 2 kids too.

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