Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Plates, Cups, Candleholders and a Surprise Find!!

Almost two weeks ago my Mom and SIL came down from Missouri for a lil' visit! On that Friday we wanted to drive out to the Cowboys Stadium so my nephews could see it! We couldn't go to early because we didn't want to be sitting in rush hour traffic so we decided to run over to the Goodwill first.

I usually don't get to look at the 'breakables' too closely because there are two little girls who are always tagging along with me and they like to touch everything also.

But this time I did and look what we found!!!

Actually, my Mom found it!!

It's a Longaberger Woven Traditions 1-Pint Crock!! (Paprika)

Do you know how much this retails for? Well, I didn't at first so my mom called her friend up.


How much did I pay for it? Are you ready for it? 99 cents!!!!!

Not a single thing wrong with it!! It is Bee-U-tee-full!!!

Onto my other purchases!!

I think I paid about 79 cents a piece for these little beauties!!

And between 59 cents and 99 cents for these cups and candleholders.

Now you are probably saying, "Wow! That's cheap! But what do you plan on doing with those mismatched items?"
Well, I have a plan!!! and they are almost finished, I just have to find the right place to put them and then I will post the pictures!!
Hopefully before the end of the month!!!

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Deb said...

Hey - I really like your blog. Your life sounds so much like mine. I plan on following your blog and would love it if you followed me as well. I am new at blogging and need a follower or 2!! Thanks and happy bloggin. You are an inspiration.


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