Saturday, April 24, 2010

I did it again.....

or should I say DID NOT get anything done? The skirts are laying unfinished on my kitchen table, I haven't gone through the girls toys yet to have ready for a garage sale and I haven't switched the playroom and my craft room.

But I tell you! I do have a really good excuse for not getting anything done!!
Isn't she precious? Well worth putting off today what I can easily do tomorrow.... or next month!
A friend of mine from M&T's school needed help finding a babysitter for her grandaughter and guess who came to her mind? Ol' reliable of course! :)
I was only supposed to keep her for three days but since she had such a grand time with us, I will have her for atleast five more days!! (I apologize for any misspellings or weird wording. I am typing one handed because 'little precious' here will ONLY nap while I am holding her!!)
I better get back to reading blogs and trying to crochet with a baby on my arm!!

3 What's On Your Mind:

Dee said...

Great excuse! What a cutie! I have so much that I should/need to do!

Vic said...

OMGosh! She's tooooo toooo precious! I love her:) I can't believe you can crotchet-teach me! Apparently I need a hobby other than vlogging-some people think I'm psycho now...I'm really not! I thought it was normal to vent and I do not care about comments on my blog it's the whole writing something that doesn't relate to the post and then asking me to come follow you-you just dont ask people to follow you-we're big people we can make decisions on our own. Don't worry about commenting on my posts-In all reality I just wanted to bitch and took it out on that lady! Haha:)

Vic said...

BTW: I did click your photo when you started following me and your link doesn't pop up-otherwise I would have followed sooner! Now that you left a comment, I get the link-I think you have to update your blogger profile to put your website link in and then it will pop up!:)

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