Friday, October 1, 2010

Things HAVE Changed!!!

I am no longer such a 'home body'.

I have LOVED being a homebody and did not envy the other mother's who were racing their children everywhere!

Our evening outings last school year consisted of: one night-Girl Scouts (#1 and #2 where in the same troop) and 3 nights later, gymnastics (#1, #2 and #3 had class at the same time!)

Some may think I was very, very LAZY for doing this! and maybe I was, but my reasoning was, the least amount of time I spent driving in the ol' van, the less money I spent on gas and eating out, because I was always able to make our meals.
AND....... I had a one year old who is hard to drag around everywhere and I just didn't want to be a distraction to anyone.

Now, let's comeback to what's going on this year!!

Our week at a Glance!!

Sunday: Church

Monday: #1 and #2 have Girl Scouts
(which I have to be at now because I am filling in as co-leader and I am now in charge of the Juniors, plus this will be my 3rd year as this troops Cookie Mom!)

Tuesday: I have Girl Scouts
(Yes! You read that correctly! I helped out with a GS Recruitment Day and realized I wanted to help out more! That's how I agreed to be more involved in my older two's troop AND signed on to be a leader of a new DAISY troop that was forming!)
So while I lead my Daisy Troop, my 4 daughters will be at AWANA!!
That couldn't have worked out any better if I had planned it!

Wednesday: NOTHING
( Our free night!)

Thursday: Gymnastics
(Only #1 and #2 because #3 decided she wanted to take dance)

Friday: NOTHING again!!

As far as #3's dance class goes?
The Mother's Day Out Program that she goes to offers a class during her pre-k program on Friday's.

I feel bad that I don't get to see her in class but they will be having a recital in January.

I am just very excited about this!!!
Sean thinks I'm crazy, but what else is new?
I don't feel so worthless anymore!

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Dee said...

Holy cow mama! You have a lot going on! It will be so much fun though!

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