Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am a Working Momma and.....

have been for the past four months!!! Whew that was something else, stepping out into the working world after being home for the past 6 1/2 years and two extra kiddos!
Sadly, it has gone by very fast and I feel like I've been neglecting my children a little bit. I work nights so all I want to do during my work week is cat nap. On my three days off three of the four girls are in school so I still feel like I'm missing out on what they are doing.
This week was spring break and I still didn't get to see them. Sean took the girls up to MO for the week so they could see family and he could bring home his 'original girl'!
Isn't she beautiful??
I have spent the week DEEP cleaning and I went and got my first tattoo!
Pretty sweet, right?
I cleaned out the playroom and ended up with three bags of trash and a whole car load went to Goodwill!! Yay me!! I was so proud of myself! I used to not be able to get rid of anything!!
Now I've been working on my craft room and that isn't going as quickly as I planned! I already have a Goodwill pile going and I've taken one bag of trash out already! Now I think I will crash for a couple of hours and get at it again before the family gets back this evening! 15 hours and they should be home! I miss them like crazy when they aren't here! But that's kind of why I got the tattoo I did. That way they are ALWAYS with me!

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naomi ockerman said...

whoohoo. glad to see you back in blogland ((a little at least))
LOVE your tattoo...where is it at!!
and i have to say i love S car!! pretty badass...

miss ya

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