Thursday, September 18, 2008


So, our puppy is losing his baby teeth. Actually, he's been doing this for awhile. I haven't had any problems with it and I guess I still don't. The lady who brought him told us he would be doing this and the only question I had for her was whether or not I was going to be finding baby teeth around or if he was going to swallow them? Silly, I know but I figured one of the kids would pick them up and eat them!! (Dakoda!!)
Anyway the whole reason for this post is: The other day I was playing fetch with Evan and I've been instructing the girls not to rip the toy out of Evan's mouth when he brings it back. Either wait for him to drop it or use the command 'drop-it' They were doing pretty good or so I thought until Madison screams, 'WHY IS THERE BLOOD ALL OVER THE CHEW TOY!!!?????!!!!' Upon closer inspection there were just a couple red spots here and there. But I looked in E's mouth anyway and sure enough a tooth was gone! I was a little wierded out. I was hoping like heck that it was a baby tooth gone and not an adult.
I kind of forgot about it for a week and yesterday when we were playing fetch again, (we play everyday, it's not just once a week in case you are wondering! :D ) I looked in his mouth just to check on his teeth and he has 2 rows of everything!!!!! (Well, almost, not the one that came out of course!) But it reminded me of a sharks teeth!!
When I told Sean the story, he thought he was being clever when he called Evan 'Shark-Dog'!! I didn't argue! I let him have his glory! I wanted to post a picture, but I couldn't get the puppy to hold still long enough to do that! That would have been the perfect time to have 2 or 3 more arms and hands!!
Till next time!!

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Naomi said...

I have no clue how you do it! 4 girls, a hubby, and a puppy...not to mention a house (the normal stuff) and a new biz, CTMH....wowza you are not just a super-mom~you are Super Woman...

I wanna be just like are seriously my hero!!!!

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