Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Tooth!!

My last babies first tooth is just breaking through the gum!! I am both happy and sad!! I don't have a toothless little cutie anymore! Now I have a precious little baby who is probably going to try and bite my poor boobies while I am feeding her!!! I know it will be fine. The other 3 girls already had between 2 and 4 teeth already! This is definately a blessing!!
Not the best picture but what do you expect from a little wiggler?!
It's just the bottom right for now, but upon closer inspection I'm sure the left is closely behind.
I find it odd that both dog and baby are cutting teeth! What are the chances of that happening??

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julie & joe said...

Hey!!! Thanks for following my blog. I'll put you on mine so I can keep up with your girls. How are you? Sorry we didn't get to see each other this summer.

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