Thursday, November 6, 2008

A sad day in this Texas House

I was mopping the kitchen floor this evening before dinner. (weird I know, but I knew I wouldn't want to do it after. I'm just different like that!)
I was cleaning the floor by the hamster cage and I noticed that she was NOT moving. I gave her 'bedroom' a little tap....and nothing...another little tap.....still nothing......i jiggled the cage a little and decided she was dead. Usually after the first couple taps she about jumps out of her skin and gives me a evil glare. Nothing this time.
Now to break it to the girls. M seemed to be fine with it. I had briefed them before that hamsters really don't live that long. T started to cry. Then she told me she would be okay though because we still have Evan. I haven't even said anything to D yet. I really don't think she will even notice until the cage is gone.
As an animal lover I am sad to see this little creature dead. Anytime I see any animal dead it makes me sad. Even squirrels and other roadkill smashed in the middle of the highway. (Sorry, a tad too graphic!)
But I have to tell you that as a mother and the caretaker of this house......I'm glad to see the little bastard gone!!
No more changing the stinky bedding.
No more turds falling out of the excerise ball as she rolls through the house.
No more 11pm hamster wheel squeaking.
No more 12am hamster wheel squeaking.
No more 2 am hamster wheel squeaking.
No more 4 am hamster well, you get the picture...
No more of her trying to bite me when I show her any kind of affection. (She doesn't like to be touched)
No more 'spraying her stink' on me when I actually do get her picked up.
No more bedding laying on the floor around her cage, (cause she can't find her food she buried)
No more turds laying on the floor around her cage because she dropped them down the chute and they fell out! Blech!!

I'm sure there's others, but I hate to go on since she was a nice little pet. Sad to say the only reason we got her in the first place was because we were to cheap to pay the deposit on a real animal when we were renting in NM.

So fair well stinky Charmony!! You will be missed by all!!!

4 What's On Your Mind:

julie & joe said...

That was too funny! You cuss as much as I do!! Sorry about the pet.

julie & joe said...

You have GOT to read this blog. She is soooo funny!

Mama Kat said...

And thank you for officially talking me out of EVER purchasing a hamster.


Thank you.

Karen said...

So bitter sweet! I am so like you when it comes to any animal dying. I have been known to cry over road kill. I have a friend who has a hamster story. If you have time you should go read it.

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