Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2, 2001

5am - I wake up starving!! I was not supposed to eat anything after midnight last night and that includes breakfast this morning!!

So I take a shower, shave my legs of course and get my clothes on.

5:30am - I watch Sean drink his coffee and eat a egg's so not fair!!!

6am - Sean takes my Nike duffle bag and pillow out to our black Neon.

We pull out of our drive way for the last time as a family of two!

7am - Arrive at the hospital and 'waddle' up to labor and delivery.

9am - I have IV's coming out of my body! Pitocin is started at a VERY low dose.

What was I thinking? I shouldn't have gotten pregnant!!!

10am till 12pm - Pitocin is gradually increased.

What's the big deal about labor? This is a breeze!!

12pm - 3:30pm - I am only allowed to eat ice chips and "gross lemon sherbet thingy"

After this baby comes out...I'm eating the biggest burger EVER!!!

3:30pm - The Doctor comes in and Breaks my water.

Dr. L: Wow, you have a really tough bag of water! *jab, jab, jab*

Me: *whispers* ow!!

Dr. L: Let me try this AGAIN!!! *jab, jab, gush!*

Dr. L: Oh, there we go!

Me: *a little louder* OW!!!!!

3:45pm - 8:40pm - My mom, grandma, aunts and brother arrive.

A lot of pain, crying, uncomfortableness and a little bit of demerol, way to early!!!

8:45pm - I feel the urge to poop!!

Apparently that meant I was ready to have a baby and the only thing I could think of at this moment was that my va-jay-jay would never be the same!!

8:50pm- 9:00pm - A lot of 'I can't!!! I'can't!!' 'It hurts!!' 'Help me!!'

9:01pm - A beautiful baby girl was born!!

Madisonann Augusta weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches long.

I would have loved to show a precious newborn picture of my baby, but I can't get the darn thing to scan!! So instead you are seeing what she looks like today!!

I'd have to say it was well worth not eating for 24 hours!!!

I love you Madi!! Think you for being such an awesome first born!!! Just like your momma!!

I can't believe it's already been 8 years since the day I had my first baby!

Sometimes it feels longer and I feel older than I really am.

Oh to be 19 again and be so naive about what's to come!

I have grown up so much these past 8 years. (On the inside and out)

4 What's On Your Mind:

julie & joe said...

I never knew Madi's middle name.....poor girl (just kidding).

Brandi said...

Happy belated birthday Miss Madison! We love you!!!

Naomi said...

I love the story!!!

you have scrapbooked that story right??? :D

Andrea said...

Happy birthday to her! Wow, only 10 minutes of pushing?! I'm jealous (mine was 4 hrs)!

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