Friday, July 3, 2009

Why Do I Do This To Myself??

For whatever reason I did not read Twilight when it was the craze! I think I had my suspicions that I would become addicted to it and I was not ready for that yet. I did wonder what the big deal was and why everyone was so crazy about it. I did not realize the craze was Edward Cullen instead of the story itself.

Last Thursday the kiddos and I went swimming at a friends house and before we left she handed me Twilight to read. I started reading it around 1:30 pm Friday afternoon. That was my first mistake. I very hesitantly would put the book down when my children needed the silliest of things... i.e. food, diaper change, nap. How could they be asking me for these things while I was reading?? Did they not understand what Mommy was reading? This book was almost as important as the Bible!! I said ALMOST!!!! and I'm kidding!! The Bible is VERY Important!!

I even managed to feed everyone supper and help Sean restring the weedeater. And after everyone was in bed I continued to read. I could not believe the feelings I had while reading this story. I kept having flashbacks of when Sean and I were dating in High School! I felt like I was Bella!! Except for the whole VAMPIRE THING!!

I finished the book 14 hours after starting it. I practically crawled into bed at 3:30 Saturday morning and had THE MOST Bizarre dreams EVER!!!! Sean thought I was crazy and maybe I was.

That was not enough. I HAD TO WATCH THE MOVIE!!!!! So, Tuesday the mailman delivered it and I watched it!!

I AM OFFICIALLY ROBSESSED!!!! I just can not quite thinking about him. Vampire form or not, HE IS HOT!!!! I know he is younger than me. I never thought I would have such a crush on someone besides my husband!!!

But then I got to thinking, even though this is not is safe. There is NO WAY I will ever meet Robert Pattison or that he will EVER know I exist. So, even though this is in no way a win win is safe.

But I do have this song that I would love to sing for Rob if,

a) I wasn't married

2) I didn't have children

c) I met him and he had feelings for me

I know...I can hear you laughing at me. But isn't it perfect???

That's probably all I should say now before I seem TOO crazy!

But I do need to go and check out my two new FAVORITE Blogs!!!

Inappropriate Twilight Obsession and ROBsessed

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julie & joe said...

Hey! How was the vacation? I haven't read twilight ......I don't have time to be obsessed. I have a grandma in the hospital that I have to sit with this afternoon and a house in major need of cleaning....and moving the boxes of home improvement materials so the guy can measure for our new energy efficient windows.....oh, and a little boy who needs to finish potty training...he isn't really interested.

Naomi said...


you are just too much---I won't (can't) read Twilight...for one--I'm not a vampire fan---and I don't think I would enjoy it...

but glad you joined the rest of the Twilight freaks :D lol (jk)

Karen said...

I would just like to say, welcome to the "Twilight" zone. :)

Lazy Housewife said...

Rob is yummy. I was hesitant to read the Twilight books, too. I thought they'd be really lame. Well, I still think they are in a way, but the storyline sucks me in anyway. I just re-read all of the books over the last four days. Have you read the others yet?

Donella said...

Oh and P.S. I absolutely loathed the movie the first time I saw it. I watched it again a couple of weeks ago and liked it. I think my expectations of it were too high at first considering I had watched it RIGHT after reading the whole series.

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