Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are you Excited?

Cause I am!!! I don't know what it is about twenty-ten? but I am Pumped!!!

(Should I even say that? I've been known to be a dork!)

I just keep feeling that this is THE YEAR!!! For what? ANYTHING!!

I still haven't taken down our Christmas Trees and decorations but I don't do

that until after the 6th anyway. I like to leave Christmas up till Epiphany. It

only makes since right? That is when the Magi came to visit Jesus. Also known

as Feast Day to wrap up the Twelve Days of Christmas.

I've felt a little bummed about having to take down the decorations so I have

decided to leave up two trees and decorate them for Valentine's Day. I just love

leaving the lights on. It makes the house seem more cozy and inviting!

I want to do a little tutorial and show off the tree, so keep me accountable. If I

don't have that up by the 10th, I expect somebody to be asking me where that

is!! ;)

I also need a little help... I want to find my niche in the blog world and I am

struggling terribly!! I am all over the place with this blog and I'd like to only

focus on a couple of things! So thank you to you diligent souls who read through

this muddled mess! I would also like to change my blog name....AGAIN!!!

because I WANT to finish things!! Any ideas?? I know it's kinda of stupid for

me to be asking this since I'm not even sure what I will be offering yet. I'd

like to have the title include Princesses and I'm not really sure what else.....

I know, I'm so difficult!

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