Friday, January 8, 2010

Some Thoughts! Or maybe just One!

There is this really awesome gal who is having an 'online baby shower' with giveaways and such. And it got me to thinking how I really got gypped in the whole baby shower department!
Sean's mom had a baby shower for me when I was pregnant with Madison and invited ALL of my family so there was really no need for my side of the family to have one for me. Then when I was pregnant with Taylor there was no baby shower because A: she was another girl 2: they were only 15 months apart so I could still use pretty much EVERYTHING C: I don't think there was a third reason? That's all I was given.
Then baby number three came along. I needed EVERYTHING!!! It had been 3 and a half years since we had a baby in our house and I sold EVERYTHING when Taylor was 8 months old because I swore we were NOT having anymore kids!!
Anyway......Baby shower?? NOPE!!! You wanna know why? Well even if you don't I'm still gonna tell ya! and you may have guessed it anyway..... duh! Because we were having another girl!

Did you know that if you already have two girls and you are having a third then you don't need a baby shower? Well that is what I was told and this silly ol' 24 year old (at the time) believed them! So you know what? When baby number four was baking in this ol' oven I didn't even wonder if I was gonna have a baby shower because SHE. WAS. ANOTHER. GIRL!!!!!!
Now I did have some WONDERFUL friends offer to have a get together for me and the DUMB ASS that I am turned them down because I thought I didn't deserve it!!! Yeah, for the past 6 years I had been told that I didn't need one and when the chance came up...... I freaking turned it down!! Go figure!!!
So why am I even whining about this today? Because this is my blog and I can! That's pretty much the only reason!
Because there will be no more 'buns in this oven' and that kinda makes me sad
Then somebody screams or tattles or vomits or etc. etc. and I'm happy that I only have four Beautiful Daughters!! (only four? Ha! How absurd is it to say it like that?!)

12 What's On Your Mind:

Naomi said...

we love you!!!

wanna have a 'baby' shower on line?
we can make the 'baby' you :D
and send you gifts :D I think its a great idea!!!

April said...

Love the way you customized the layout! It looks AWESOME!

HappyHourSue said...

I remember the day I took down my yongest daughters crib. i was all: yes! Done! No more cribs!.........WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Total sobbing. I am retarded.

Thanks for delurking!

April said...

Sweet mother of pearl!!!

I would literally just die if I could have FOUR girls. Die in a GOOD way.

If I ever had a boy, I don't know what I'd do.

But since I'm infertile (right now) I'd be happy with either.

And move every time I found out I was pregnant so I could have a baby shower for every pregnancy. LOL!!

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