Saturday, April 24, 2010

I did it again.....

or should I say DID NOT get anything done? The skirts are laying unfinished on my kitchen table, I haven't gone through the girls toys yet to have ready for a garage sale and I haven't switched the playroom and my craft room.

But I tell you! I do have a really good excuse for not getting anything done!!
Isn't she precious? Well worth putting off today what I can easily do tomorrow.... or next month!
A friend of mine from M&T's school needed help finding a babysitter for her grandaughter and guess who came to her mind? Ol' reliable of course! :)
I was only supposed to keep her for three days but since she had such a grand time with us, I will have her for atleast five more days!! (I apologize for any misspellings or weird wording. I am typing one handed because 'little precious' here will ONLY nap while I am holding her!!)
I better get back to reading blogs and trying to crochet with a baby on my arm!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

I've got High Hopes!!!!

I have started yet ANOTHER couple of projects!! I thought these would be quick but they are turning out to be so much more than I bargained for!!
But maybe this is a good thing. I can't get my pictures to upload to my computer anyway!!
I know I keep promising I'll post more, but I really promise this time!! :)
Oh who am I kidding??
I am such a scatter brain!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

and then I cried.....

Sunday night I put the two LG's (little girls) in the tub and told Hubs to watch them. I was heading out the door to grab a Sunday paper from Kroger for my coupons!! I figured I'd be gon 10 minutes the longest!! and what do you know? It maybe took 8!

I enjoyed my little trip up to the grocery store, radio blastin', windows down, singing out loud!! Ran into the store right quick, grabbed my paper, flew through the self-checkout and back to the car! Repeat first sentence of this paragraph, only heading home this time! ;)

Getting ready to walk in the door to the house feeling very pleased with myself for my trip not taking long at all! Record breaker trip!! (We all know that gets us in trouble!! Feeling so good like that!)
I step into the living room and Sean is still sitting in his chair watching tv.
Me: Are the girls alright?
Him: Sure.
Me: Okay!
take paper and purse to kitchen
Madison: They did it again mom!!!
Me: what?
Madison: Poured a whole bottle of shampoo in the tub!
Me: which one?
Madison: The kind you used on Taylor's hair last night!
Me: WHAT!!!!!

okay now here is the little back story:
Saturday night I combed a HUGE RATS NEST outta Taylor's hair!!! It took 45 minutes to get that bad boy out!!! so then I washed her hair with some moisturizing shampoo.
Sunday morning I used THE SAME shampoo to wash my hair!! OMGosh!!! That stuff was AWESOME!!! Usually when I blow dry my hair it is crazy frizzy!!! hence the 'straightner' comes in!! I hardly had to use the 'straightner' after I used that shampoo!!! I had THE BEST hair day I think EVER!!!!! I was only going to use that shampoo from here on out!!

Now, lets proceed to Sunday evening!!

as the tub overflows with milliongazillion bubbles!!!

Okay, so I know it is silly to be so upset about this! but It was PANTENE and that stuff ain't cheap. Granted, I wasn't crying because all that money was washed down the drain (because I used a coupon on it and got it for a dollar or so!) It was the fact that all that creamy goodness that made my hair so beautiful was gone and I was NOT going to pay full price for it!!!

After the girls were in bed Hubs has the nerve to ask, "What happened in the bathroom?"
Me: They emptied my new shampoo into the tub!!
Him: Oh.
Me: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Today I'm not crying though!! I heard that Walgreen's has there Pantene products clearanced and I still have a couple of really good coupons that I found!! Guess what Mama is gonna do?
Well, go and buy 6 more bottles of the good stuff of course!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

one month and one day....

since my last post and I know there has been things to blog about.
I just don't sit down to do it!

  1. We built a new kitchen table but I didn't want to blog about it yet because we haven't finished the benches yet!
  2. We made a week long trip to see fam in MO and ended up staying an extra day because of the Freak snowstorm! (which by the way my kids were excused from school for!! I heard that another family called in because they were still in Mexico and the Principal wouldn't excuse it because 'it didn't snow there.'!!!!
  3. My third daughter turned 4 and we had a heck of a time at Chuck E. Cheese's!!
  4. I dropped two pants sizes but I've gained 4 lbs!!!! (somebody please let me know what's wrong with that!!!!)

Hopefully I will have better things later and not just 'catch-ups'!!

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