Friday, June 11, 2010

First Week of Summer Vacay!

This morning starts the end of our first week of ALL four of the girls being under the same roof once again! And honestly, we've had a pretty fun week! The first couple of days, D and H were having a hard time having 'sisters' home all day. (We are having to re-learn sharing toys and mommy!) By Wednesday, things had started to smooth out a bit!

I told myself that I was going to try and 'keep house' a little better this year so if somebody calls and asks if we want to do something that day, I won't be making excuses to stay home because the house is a mess! (I feel so bad leaving the house a mess!) So, Monday morning after we had all ate breakfast, I had the girls start their chores. M is in charge of dog clean up, picking up hers and T's shared bedroom and taking out the recycables. T is in charge of unloading the DW, bringing dirty clothes down from their bedroom and sweeping off the back patio. We are ALL in agreement that we cannot do any 'fun' things for the day unless chores are done!!
They didn't believe me at first, so it was 2pm Monday before we made it to the Library!! Tuesday, they decided to have everything done before lunchtime!!!

I am helping a friend out by keeping her daughter every Wednesday through Friday this Summer. It works out quite nicely actually. I know I've posted before what a hard time I have getting along with T. With this little girl here, there has been ALOT less back-talking going on!

I don't know if anyone else has expierenced this, but usually when my girls have friends over for long periods of time, the bickering begins!! This time has been different for us! The little girl has also spent the night Tuesday through Thursday nights and no fighting has occured!!! Yippee!! I can only hope it goes the same way next week!! And every week after!!

Our school district offers free lunches during the summer for children ages 1-18. We took advantage of this GREAT program last year a couple times a week. We would have went daily, but I didn't want to drive the 2 miles because we were 'really' low on funds last year! This year our school is offering the program. It started on Wednesday and we've been walking up to the school instead of driving. So, not only are the kids getting free lunches but we are getting 1 mile of exercise in daily!!

I better go and do 'my chores' right quick before the rest of the crew wakes up! I'd like to say everyone is sleeping in but that is so not true! Wake-ups around here are ranging from 7:30-8:30!! Considering that on school days, wake-up time was 6:30, I guess this is better than that!!

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