Thursday, September 16, 2010

Surprise!!! or not......

A Month and A Day since my last post!!
Maybe I should just make it a habit to post Monthly and I will feel more accomplished!! At least I shouldn't have any trouble meeting that goal!!

I know that I said there would be all of this Fabulous stuff I would get done in the 10 hours a week that I have absolutely no children!! But who was I kidding? Myself apparently! ha!

I've (1st Wednesday free) bought groceries(1st Friday) hung out with an old friend watching a couple episodes of Buffy reruns and then meeting my husband for lunch!
(2nd Wed) I got my hair 'done'! (2nd Friday) Went to this AWESOME place called the 'SalePlace' that sells tons of Ribbon, Tulle, cake decorating, floral, if you want to craft it? that is the place to go my friends!! and an AWESOME little Thrift Store that is right next door!! Super Cheap finds!! and then I cam home and mopped my floors! I didn't realize how quick that goes when there is nobody else here!!
(3rd Wed) cannot for the life of me remember!! NOT GOOD!! that means I probably didn't get anything accomplished!! YIKES!!! (3rd Fri) I ended up babysitting for a Teacher friend at the girls' school. She's Hayleigh's age and that girl talks up a storm!! Super cute! I was able to deliver a custom bow holder to the hair salon that is letting me sell bows there and then ran to Hobby Lobby to buy more ribbon for a custom bow order!
(4th Wed, yesterday) I ran the custom order to the shop and ended up staying for 45 minutes because my 'AWESOME HAIR-LADY' wanted to try a new 'no-frizz' treatment on my hair! Very cool! Then I made a trip to GOODWILL and ended up finding 4 outfits for $24!! I was in Heaven!! It was so AWESOME to actually get to look at stuff and not try to hold to kids down in the cart at the same time! It almost makes me tear up thinking of all the good stuff I didn't see because I didn't want my kids to fall out of the cart!!

TOMORROW-- Oh Tomorrow! How I have BIG plans for you!!! I just wish they would work out!
So here's my game plan!!
5:30am-stumble to the door, start to open it and realize the alarm is on!! Make a mad-dash across the house to turn it off! Go back to door and let in little girl that I keep before school!
(wednesdays & fridays i have to open my door at 4:30! YIKES!!!)
5:40am-go back to bed
6:30am-Wake Up! Make coffee and hook up my IV drip!! ;)
6:45am-Fix everyone breakfast (I'm thinking toast and the yogurt I made today!)
7:00am-Pack 4 lunches and other various things I forgot to do tonight!
7:30- ship 3 kids out the door to school
7:45- take a shower
8:15- pick up and put away everything that's on the floor so I can stick-vac and mop sometime before 2pm
8:30- make sure Thing 3 & 4 are dressed and ready to go
9am - put everything in 3 & 4's backpacks and head out the door!
9:15 - drop them off at school!
9:30 - head to hair salon and drop off custom bow
9:45 - load up EVERYTHING out of my garage that I was going to sell in a Garage Sale, but now I'm thinking it's not even worth it, so I'm going to take it ALL to Goodwill!!!!
10:30 - Either go back home and clean the house really, really good since we will be at Chuck E. Cheese's both Saturday AND Sunday for 2 different B-day parties!!!! UGH NO DOUBLE UGH!!
or hit up that Thrift store!!
The jury is still out on that one!! :)

Okay so that all looks pretty easy right? I mean, I should still have atleast 2 hours to myself before I have to pick up 3 & 4 by 2:15pm!

If only my life really went that way!!!
I guess check back in a month and I'll let you know if my day went as planned or not!!

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Julie from Momspective said...

Ha! You crack me up. Just reading that makes me need a nap!

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