Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Tad Better

I was only able to get a couple of things done yesterday.
Rediculous, I know!

To argue my case, I will say that I was up at 5:25 waiting for 'the girl' to get here(I guess I need to do a whole post on that story!)
She did NOT arrive until 6:01!!! A phone call or text would have been nice!!
I didn't stay ticked for long. I ended up picking up toys and such off the floor and finished up the kitchen. (since I had felt watching 'Vampire Diaries' was more important then cleaning up the kitchen!)
I took 3 & 4 to school around 9:15 and came straight home to load Bella (my black mini van, I know, I know, so original!) That took a lot less time than I figured! I thought it would be 10:30 before I was ready! I got it done at 10:00!!
But get this.......I came in the house and sat down on the couch for 30 MINUTES!!!! Why? Because I was having SERIOUS ISSUES with taking my stuff to GOODWILL!!!!
I am having serious heart palpatations just typing this!!!!
I know some of you are probably wondering what's the big deal? Is it because I'm not making money on it? Honestly, that has nothing to do with it!!
It is way worse!
I sent off clothes that my oldest, WHO IS NINE!!!!, wore when she was a baby!!! and my SEVEN year old wore some of those exact same things!!! and then my FOUR year old wore them 3 years ago!!! and my TWO year old wore them last year!!!

If Sean wasn't the man that he is....we could have a serious HOARDING problem on our hands!!!
I use to brush it off as being a clutter bug, which I'm pretty certain that's as far as it was allowed to go, but the next step after that COULD. HAVE. BEEN. BAD. PEOPLE!!!!

HOARDERS on A&E has gotten me FREAKED. THE. EFF. OUT!!!
I watched the one last Monday night and I made a beeline to the kitchen to get my dishes done!!!
The lady had been Shitting in Wal-Mart bags and throwing them on the stairs for 10 years!!!
That DEFINATELY. WOULD. NOT. HAPPEN. here, but I just had to throw that out here!! It was BAAAAAAAAAADDD!!!!

Okay so if you are still with me I guess I better get back to me sittin' on my butt!!!
At 10:30 I decided I should probably take ol' Bella's load to GOODWILL before I unloaded it all back in the garage!
I blasted the radio during my 15 minute drive. Pulled right into the drop off and a lady came out to get my stuff! *tear*
It took TWO!! YES TWO!! of their big yellow cart things to haul my stuff in!! I was handing that poor lady the second to last box and she looked me square in the eye and asked me, "Is that it?" I said almost ma'am! Here's one more box! :)

I started on my drive back home with an empty van and a clear head! I called Sean and told him that I didn't even cry!! He was so proud of me!!

Then I cam home and got absolutely nothing else done!!

I never made it down to the shop to drop off the custom bow.
I didn't get my floors swept or vacuumed.
I didn't get anything cleaned or dusted!
Instead I started working on a cute little craft skirt I made out of Jean legs, back pockets and a little fabric! I worked on that bad boy the whole rest of the afternoon!
And then I started another one! I'm hoping to get that one done tomorrow!
I would have finished it today but we had to go to that CrAzY A$$ PlAcE everyone calls Chuck E. Cheese for a Birthday party! Then I had to take Thing 2 to a slumber party this evening.
Tomorrow afternoon we have to go back to that place for another party!!

Off to bed I guess!
But first I need to pry the Lakeshore Learning Catalog and pen from my 4 year olds hands because she's circling EVERYTHING she wants for her Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, Her Birthday, Easter and everything in between!!

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