Monday, October 4, 2010

Capital D.....


That's how I'm feeling!!

All I know is that I have had a really great past 2 weeks or so and TODAY?? not so much!!!
I guess it really started yesterday, but I ignored it because Sean was home and I did absolutely NO chores around the house! and I took a 2 1/2 hour nap, which hasn't happened in a really long time. I've had a sinus/alergy thingy rearing it's head for awhile now and I guess it wiped me out....cause I couldn't believe I had slept THAT. LONG!!!

So I'm sure that's what led into today. All the girls were home today! #1 and #2 didn't have school because it was 'Fair Day'. I don't know how everybody else does it, I'm guessing they have their fair during the summer? I don't know. But Dallas has theirs in the fall and our school district gets a Monday off for the kids to go to the Fair!

They get 'FREE student' tickets, but we are so damn broke right now, that doesn't even help!!

We are making two trips home this month, 1st for Sean's parent's Retirement Party and 2nd is for my cousin's wedding! and ALL 5 of us girls are in it!

You know? I was super excited about both of these trips back in June when we had the money for them! But now? It's kind of put a damper on things. Don't get me wrong, I have money saved up for the trips, but I just keep thinking of all the other things I could be putting that money towards! (new eyeglasses for me and #1, extra groceries, or just keep it in SAVINGS!!!)

My headache just keeps pounding away as I think about all of this!

I'm sorry... I'm glad that Sean has a job and we can afford the things that we have! But that's even in limbo now! He came home today and said his job is question because of some stuff that's been going on! What ticks me off is that he's been doing more than necessary and he's getting his A$$ chewed for other things! GRRR!!!

I finally finished some things for THE NEW etsy shop I'm going to open, but I'm afraid that's not even going to be enough money coming in and I'm struggling with other ideas of what to make.
I wish I was disciplined enough or smart enough to make money off my blog.

I know this is a complete 180 from my last post and I'm thinking ALOT of it has to do with Aunt Flo arriving in a week!
I think I'm in denial that I have some serious hormonal issues! I have not been to the ob/gyn since my 4 week checkup after #4 was born and she's 2 and 1/2!!! Very bad, I know!!
I just keep making excuses not to go!!

I really need to get off here and fix a meal before I head off to Girl Scouts!!

I know it's bad, and I know I keep saying that, and I know...blah, blah, blah.....

This WHOLE day all I have been thinking about, that makes me happy, is watching HOARDERS tonight!!!

Isn't that horrible?

One day a month......I don't like ANYBODY!!! Not even myself!!!
One week a month....I am the UGLIEST BITCH!! my family has EVER encountered!!! I'm still surprised my husband is married to me!

that doesn't look too bad!
only 1 more week and everything will be good again!
I just hope we all make it!!

2 What's On Your Mind:

LissaNaylor said...

Well, I'm just glad I'm not the only one that has these days too! :) Aunt Flo should be arriving any day now for me too....or I will be really stressed then! lol!! Hope your day is better today. So sorry to hear about all the stress...especially with Sean's job. That is the worst kind of stress!!!

Vic said...

Bryan is always getting chewed for shit thats not his fault too....big companies i guess...they suck working for them but the money is good so he i can totally relate with ya! it's crazy how fast we can lose it though. so anything he can do to keep it for now would be best....I've learned that in order to make money on the internet you need to spend a lot of time on's very time consuming...but let me know when you get that shop up and running...shoot me an email if ya need:) xoxo hang in there babe!

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