Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm sure it could have been worse!

Last night or actually Thursday night since it is Saturday now. I went to bed hoping to sleep all night. I think Hayleigh is teething, therefore I don't know if we are getting a full nights sleep these days or breaking it up every 2 or 3 hours. Which sucks cause she was sleeping so good for a month. Anywho. This morning aka Friday. I woke up feeling pretty refreshed. Excited about getting my to-do list wiped out. Since it wasn't very long. Madison and Taylor asked if they could play the computer since I downloaded the "Kidzui" site. I've let them roam around on that. I told them not yet. I haven't turned the computer on yet. We need to eat breakfast. While they were finishing up there breakfast I slipped back into the kitchen and turned the computer on. All I got was a blank screen. I got a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I just knew that I had some kind of worm, virus, bug. Whatever the hell gets into your computer and seizes everything up. Right now we barely have any money for groceries. Where was I going to find the cash to fix our computer. That wasn't the only thing I was worried about. All I could think about and try not to vomit while I was crying hysterically was the pictures that are sitting on my computer that I haven't got developed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I know!!! Why were they sitting on there in the first place???? They should have been on discs or on some website or better yet developed. Once again I haven't put the money forth for those yet. I thought it was more important to have a house and food and such. Silly me I know!!! Anyhoo!! I'm crying around not sure what I'm gonna do. For goodness sake there are 5 months worth of pictures of the newest Hood girl on there and I just know they are all lost. So I call Sean crying. I'm sure that by the way I started he thought somebody had died. poor guy. He told me to call the Geek Squad, but I didn't know how much they cost and I didn't have their number cause... Hello? don't i need the internet to look that up. God forbid i look for a phone book! But I did end up finding our phone book and i turned to the yellow pages to computer. I said a little prayer to God to help me find somebody. Wherever my finger stopped thats who I called. That poor man was so nice. I told him what my problem was and he said there is a 95% chance that my stuff won't be lost. I felt a little better but I'm not gonna get my hopes up!!!

After all that business the day did seem to get better. The sun finely came out and I marked off all the items on my list. I got to hang out with the girls. We made paper airplanes. That was fun, They LOVED throwing them off the stairs. yes I said throwing them. They weren't actually flying!!
Then my nice neighbors kept 3 of the girls while I ran to Wal-Mart to get stuff for supper. I only had the baby which was nice! I fed her before we left and she slept the whole time! I think she was just glad to have some quiet time herself!!
I better get to bed. Hopefully tomorrow a lady from the min pin rescue center will be coming with a puppy that we are wanting to adopt. If she doesn't come tomorrow then it will be Sunday. We are all so excited about getting a dog. I will have to blog about that later. That's a whole nother story!
Ahhhhhhhhh.......................I've missed this. This works so much better than a diary :D

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