Saturday, August 9, 2008

What a Wonderful Day!

So, I know I have been doing some complaining the past couple of days. I feel bad about that but today seemed to be a much better day. It started out kinda crazy but all was good.
First off, I woke up late for church this morning. I only had an hour to get my 4 girls, my hubby and myself ready. I'm sure this is an easy task for most. But I'm still working on it. I usually get every body else ready and save myself for last. So I only look 'half' put together when everybody else always looks so nice. Not this morning though. I took my shower, got dressed, fixed my hair and put on my makeup before I even attempted to get anyone else ready. Buy the time we all got loaded in the van we had just enough time to get to church without being late. (this of course being without any major dilemas) So we pull into the parking lot, feeling kinda proud cause there are a couple other people walking in too. Sean gets the 3 bigger girls out and I go to get Hayleigh out. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! There was poop were she had been sitting!!!!!!! I calmly told S to take his 3 in and I would deal with H. He said, "but i don't want to go in by myself" Cute, Huh? I said, 'i'll be right there, it's better i'm late instead of all of us' So he went in. I was sooo proud of him!! What a big boy!! LOL :D
Church was Excellent! We hadn't been for a couple of Sundays. I hate it when we miss like that. I really needed church. I know that's why today has been such a good day! We took the kids to eat pizza. Came home and just had a lazy day. It was great!
We just met a little puppy we will be adopting. We will get him next Tuesday after we get back from MO! Yay!!

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