Thursday, August 7, 2008

Money, Money, Moneeeeeey!!

It never seems to matter how much money you have. There ALWAYS seems to be the need or want for a little more. That's how I am feeling right now. Sean makes great money to support us. And I am very fortunate and lucky to get to stay home with the girls. ( I know I complain sometimes, but I TRULY do enjoy staying home with them!) Mom stayed home with us when we were little and I am so glad she was able to do that. That is what I want for my children also.
Here it is Thursday....Sean just got paid yesterday and we are already down to less then $100 to make it through till next Wednesday. We need groceries. So I am trying to get creative with what we have. Tonight is leftover night. So that will save me some money there. But I do need to go buy diapers, so that blows a good portion of that!
I keep telling myself next month will be better. The reason we are short is because we drove to MO last month. Both Sean and I. So that was gas in 2 vehicles. Plus I had to buy some paint for the house. Money I thought we had and then came up short.
I always think....if there was just an extra $20. But that would get spent anyway. I know, I know. Shave some money off somewhere. I do try to do that. Give up satellite you say. Well, I would do that, but I feel after a hard days work, Sean should be able to sit and watch drag racing, or wrestling if he wants. He shouldn't be punished for 'bringing home the bacon'!!
So now that I have vented, I will go on with my day.

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Naomi said...

money sucks!!! or the lack of it :D

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