Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I just thought you should know!

I was just getting ready to start supper and I realized that today I have a touch of the 'VD'!! (verbal diarrhea!)
What did you think it meant??

It's not the 'drunk' kind. It's just the 'wanting to post a whole bunch of stuff on my blog kind'!
As you may remember, I had mentioned something about a 'Giveaway' when I hit 50 posts?!
I am really excited about that and I don't have to many more to go!
I was going to do it at 100 but I thought that would take too long. Maybe I should have set that for my goal anyway!!
I'm almost wondering if I'm going to have the item ready or not???
Don't worry though, I will!!
This is too exciting!!

I know this is kind of sneaky and probably a little sleazy but I just want everyone to know:
If you are a 'follower' of mine, you'll get a 'heads up' to my giveaway!!!
Just sayin'!
And depending on how well that goes....there may be more!!!

Well, off to feed the 'hoodlums' and bake some cookies!!

4 What's On Your Mind:

Naomi said...

LOL I have it somedays too!

julie & joe said...

You're too funny! You've always had it (ha!)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Well it's a good thing I am a follower! :)

Karen said...

I'll be right over for cookies. Thanks for coming by today.

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