Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Happened???

I get so irritated with myself sometimes. Okay, more than sometimes, but right now I'm a little irrate. *sigh*
So, I leave for a week and come back home and try to get my house, laundry, kids, etc. etc. back in order and I make absolutely NO time for blogging!!!!
How dare I, you ask. Now, I have been reading blogs, because that is what keeps me going. I've been leaving comments here and there because I want to show my appreciation for being able to read those blogs. I just haven't posted anything myself!!!!
There have been many a 'bloggy' moment that I have thought.....'oooh that would be good', or' I should post that.'
But I never seem to make it to the computer too type.
So.....I have jumped back onto the 'blog-wagon'..
while my baby is screaming in her high chair (not a hurt/mad/red in the face cry) just a little
'I'm pissy, come and pick me up squeal',
God only knows where the two older girls are and WHAT they are doing
and Dakoda is running around with her paci in her mouth!! (Big NO-NO!! That is only for bed!!)
So you can see how I have become a little distracted by life!
Now I know that I can stop what I am doing for a little and share with you what goes on behind our closed doors, blinds and windows. (No curtains yet so I thought that really didn't apply)
Okay, too much screaming now....better go!!!

1 What's On Your Mind:

Naomi said...

lock yourself in the "closet" it works for me LOL

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