Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Little Help! Please?

I am making this for my in-laws. They are done having grandkids. (I say this like it's their choice to stop!) haha

When I come up with an idea to do something...I never fully think it out. I just 'start doing' and hope everything comes together.

Well, now I am stuck!! If you all would be so kind to give me some ideas on the wording. I would be forever greatful!!!

A little side note: I usually try not to worry about being perfect when I do things, because I know that I can't be. And I'm less stressed for lack of trying to make it that way. But when it comes to 'outgifting' my sil. THIS BABY HAS TO ROCK!!!!!!

I'm wanting to play on the words of: Favorite things in Grammy and PaPa's Pond.

I haven't glued anything down yet, so there is room to move things around!

Thank you all in advance! I can't wait to get this finished up!!

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julie & joe said...

Is the SIL still giving you trouble? You wouldn't believe the craziness in our extended family. We aren't having Christmas with my outlaws. One BIL has a new girlfriend who is T-R-O-U-B-L-E. I'll email the whole tale.

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