Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's party yesterday

Madison and Taylor had their parties yesterday. I loaded up the 2 little sleepy heads and headed up to the school to try and devide my time evenly between both classes. (Thankfully they are down the same hallway so I don't kill much time racing between classes!)
I went to Taylor's first because her party ended first and then to Madison's. Taylor followed me to M's party because apparently her teacher lets her do whatever she wants because she is such an 'awesome student'! Why can't she be that way here at home? She fights me tooth and nail on everything!

So, back to the party. I was watching Hayleigh chew up, er read books in M's room and there was this commotion. I looked up and Madison was giggling and the other girls were oohing and ahhing and her teacher looked at me across the room and said, 'Can you believe it's started already?' I looked back over at M and she had a red gift bag!
Second grade and I've lost her to a boy!!! LOL
I started thinking back and I was in 3rd grade. They say kids are aging quicker now and I'm just not ready for it.
I think Sean and I handled it very well. We listened to her oooh and ahhh over him all night last night. It was pretty funny!

She would say: I don't really like him. He chases me at recess ALL the time. He's such a fast runner! I guess I kinda like him.

Me: Is he cute?

M: No! Well, a little.

Me: I see.

M: I don't like him. I can't believe he gave me this stuffed animal!

Sean: Now that's not nice. Don't tell him you don't like him. That will hurt his feelings.
Just be nice to him. You don't want to make him cry do you?

M: No! He's a nice boy.

She slept with the animal last night.
Oh puppy love! I hope her heart doesn't get broken too soon. *sigh*

2 What's On Your Mind:

Naomi said...

aww!!! so cute

LissaNaylor said...

Wow! Well, she is such a cutie I can see why a little boy thought she was special. I want to know what his mommy thinks of this. I am going to have to learn what the life of a mommy to a boy is like you know! ha!

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