Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Know...I Know.... I'm Lame

Yesterday I realized I was needing some new shoes to wear to the Dinner. So I ran up to Payless and they were having their BOGO. (When don't they?) Usually I can't find anything or I don't see anything that I. HAVE. TO HAVE. or they have something really really cute, but only in the smaller sizes...grrrrr...

Not yesterday my friends. I think I found a heck of a deal!
Not one pair but two!!!
I purchased my first and second pairs of heels. I have never bought heels before!!
This snazzy little pair cost $19.99

And these little beauties. What a steal!!

Pair #1

Pair #2

Oh, and please excuse the 'honeycomb' vinyl in my bathroom! That WILL. BE. GONE. next year with tax return. I'm sure the money this year will end up going to 'Dear Sir'.

I usually only participate in the BOGO when buying my children shoes. But I hadn't bought any for, why not.

Pair #2 was regular $26.99, the sale price was $17.99 and I got them for $8.99!!

Whoo-hoo!! I am quite excited!!

5 What's On Your Mind:

Naomi said...

whoo hoo! cute shoes!
and what a deal and they look like heels i can wear (you know the ones I can't break my neck in:D LOL)

julie & joe said...

Cute! I only wear heels on Sunday and only when I remember I own them. Not much chance to wear heels to work on a regular basis.....not too practical. Don't let Dear Sir have all of your tax return. Stand strong and only pay what your records show that you owe!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Hi...thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm putting yours in my Google Reader right now.

LissaNaylor said...

Those are adorable! I am acutally going this afternoon once Macy wakes up. I was going to get her a pair or two but I may end up shopping for me too. Although I don't think they will be heels! ha!

Karen said...

Those are really cute! Love them!!

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