Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Birthday!

Yesterday my 3rd baby turned 3!! I can't believe how fast the past 3 years have gone by. (I know every mother says that....but isn't it so true?)
I remember the 2 false trips to the hospital and then having to be scheduled for an induction.
It snowed a little on the drive to the hospital that morning. We arrived at the hospital late. I was scheduled for 6am and didn't get there till 6:15. The nurse was a little short with me I almost forgot to have Sean take my 'before delivery' pic. I had my sheet on already and then I waddled back into the bathroom to put my shirt and pants back on so he could take my picture.
Finally, I was ready.....my nurse started hooking me up to everything and started the 'pit' around 7am. There was a swarm of student nurses at the hospital that day and they ALL wondered if they could take part in this miracle! Why not? I said. I'd already birthed 2 babies and I wasn't as shy any more! ha! I labored pretty quickly. I let them crank the pit up as much as they would dare. It hurt like you wouldn't believe but I wasn't one to be in labor for hours! I did that with Madison....Taylor was quick and I wanted this to be as short and sweet as possible! Around 9am I felt ready to push so everyone swarmed in and started getting everything ready. I remember 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' was on. Between contractions my doctor would turn around and watch the show and answer the questions. She was answering one question and I practically shouted....I HAVE TO PUSH NOW!!!! So she turned back around and caught Dakoda!! at 9:26am.
I haven't told too many people this, actually my husband, doctor and nurses are the only ones who have known this up until now......but you know how most people are afraid of pooping while having a baby? Well, I was over that fear since this was my 3rd. But who would've thought you'd pee all over your doctor?? Not me in a million years did that thought ever cross my mind!! Until a Thursday morning on March 23rd 2006 at 9:20ish am. I had fluids running through my body for the previous 2 hours and nobody ever thought once to ask me if I needed to go the bathroom. Well, there was that one push I gave and Dr. Warner got a shower!!!! How embarrassing was that?? So, now world, you know my pee-pee story!!

Back to who this post is really about.......
Yesterday was a horrible day. Dakoda cried, screamed and cried some more. I think that maybe she was already 'birthdayed out'. We had a little party here before we went to MO and then we had 2 while we were visiting. By the time it got to the 'real day' she was done!
I did get her calmed down for a little bit with an ice cream cone!!

Happy Birthday my little Princess!!! I love you!!!!

4 What's On Your Mind:

julie & joe said...

OMG! What a story!!! Gald you made it home safe. Sorry we couldn't get together. We had fun in Tulsa.

Brandi said...

Happy birthday sweet girl. I can't believe she is so big! What happened to the little diapered toddler????

Naomi said...

oh wow!!!

3 already??? where did the time go??

happy birthday little sweetie

Andrea Singer said...

I loved reading her birth story! That's so funny about the nurse and the show - and the pee, hehe! It's always more interesting to have "a story," though! :) Happy belated birthday to your little girl.

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