Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WANTED: A Good Friend

I am happily married to my best friend and mommy to my four wonderful daughters. I am looking for someone to be my friend.
Yes, I already have several. But they ALL live so far away. I don't have anyone here. I've tried.......there is one gal who I thought was going to work out because it all seemed like perfect timing....but I am quickly realizing there are problems in this relationship and I am very slowly trying to work my way out of it.
I've finally realized that I do not need to put up with somebody who:

  1. puts me down all the time.
  2. Makes sarcastic remarks to me ALL the time! (don't get me wrong, I like to 'josh' around, but I'm not nasty about it!)
  3. is nasty to my kids (that's my job! I feel like slime when mean things slip out of my mouth at MY kiddos, I don't want anyone else doing it!!)
  4. tells a story about a special needs child she use to work with and then makes the remark that I probably don't know what the average IQ of somebody is (Hello, lady!...my IQ was 135 when I was 14!!! It's not easy playing dumb!)
  5. doesn't like the way I am parenting and proceeds to tell me about it!(her kids are going to need therapy when she's done!)
  6. talks trash about ALL the things her husband does and how they are wrong (at least her husband washes dishes and picks up the kid's toys!) ((Sean's been helping this week so I won't complain about him!))
  7. EVERYTHING is that man's fault through her eyes, but from the outside looking in, I'm thinking she has ALOT to do with it!
  8. and a whole lot of other things that have slipped my mind at the moment!

Now that I've finally gotten that out, I guess I should call her and break up with her!!

I just want to tell my friends that are reading this, if I have EVER done any of the things on this list to you....I am SORRY with ALL OF MY HEART!
This hurts and sucks and hurts some more. People should NOT treat others this way.

I know this probably seems like a desperate cry for friendship, but I really just wanted to blog about this and get it off my chest! Everyone here in bloggyland seems to be so understanding of that!
Anymore thoughts on how I should handle this would be greatly appreciated.
Julie, thanks for your input, I have to see her tonight, and we will see how that goes.

10 What's On Your Mind:

Dan River Mama said...

I don't blame you for dropping her like a bad habit. I can't stand people that get some sort of thrill from being bossy/bitchy to someone else's children. I would never dream of doing that! And I really don't have a problem with ripping someone a new one when they try that with my kids.

Good friends are very hard to come by. I've always managed to end up with those "friends" that use me as a crutch to make their day go better and couldn't give a hoot how mine is going. I eventually realized that it wasn't worth dealing with their crap, just to be able to say I had a friend. I decided I had rather have NO friends that a lot of half-a**ed ones. My life is much better for it.

The best friend I have in this world right now, I met online. She and I talk lots through email and on the phone but have never metin person. But she is still a great friend and support system. I will be your friend. Though I have no idea where you are located and odds are that it isn't near the boonies where I live. Even so, I would be glad to be your online/phone friend, if hanging out in the real world isn't an option.

julie & joe said...

You go girl! You have never been that way. I know when you're joking. No one should have to put up with anyone that puts them or their family down, friends should be there to support you and maybe help you to snap out of it once in a while. I'm lucky to have you as a friend. I'm here for you always.....I love it that your in-laws are as kooky as mine =) It's recessive genes.....we got the good guys from the family.

Call soon!

Brandi said...

LET ME AT HER!!!!! NO ONE is mean to my Jess. Grrrrrr.

Another fine example of why you should have stayed in NM. LOL. Just kidding but I do miss you crazy girl. Cry.

I love you and wish I was there to hug you.

Brandi said...

Oh, and Dante was just asking me at lunch, "Have you talked to Jess lately??"

TuTu's Bliss said...

Hugs and more hugs. We move every three years and it is so hard. Just when I meet someone that is my perfect friend in the same state as we are I move or she does. You should try to just be honest, that is part of being a good friend. A true, great one of a kind friend can say, "Look! Are you feeling okay? I've noticed you've been short with me, my kids and even your husband. Is something going on? Is there anything I can do?"

LissaNaylor said...

Hey there! I know how hard it is to find friends! Gosh, this lady seems like a character....she should go on Dr. Phil...that is my solution to everything! HA! I wish we wouldn't have moved to quick and we could have gotten to be close friends (Again!). Any plans on moving to Indiana??? Had to ask right? Well, you just don't let it get to you. Good friends are sooo hard to come by. They aren't easy to find and don't take it personal. You are a WONDERFUL friend and she is missing out...and she WILL realize that later!

Naomi said...

WTF!!! dump her!!!

and come back to NM where we miss you....and we love you.

you are a great friend....BTW I wore the pink bracelet again tonight AND I love it!!! thanks

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Cut her loose...TODAY!!

Mommy's Kitchen said...

Oh Jess, I am so sorry sadly to say I have friends like that as well. People seem to wonder why I keep to myself most of the time, but that is the very reason why. Everytime I think things are fine then some stupid issue comes up so I just pull back and hang out less and less with them. It is just way to much drama for me. I mean we have to prepare ourselves that we might be family one day, Talyor is Carson's future bride in his eyes!!! Ü

I am stepping up and applying for the JOB!!!!! I would love to be closer friends. I only get to see and talk to you when we cross paths at school picking up our kids, but we can quickly change that. I practically live in your back yard. When the kids came to Taylors Bday I noticed we were so much alike and we could have so much fun. I know Mackenzie would love to play and have fun with Madison and Taylor. Lets find some time to get together. I know we can both be busy with our kids and family but we can find some time girl!!!!

The Rambler said...

As I have gotten older (cough, crap, cough) I realize that certain things matter more to me. And that is those who around me have to be positive and bring something to my insane life. I've made my changes and feel so much better about it!!!

I hope the break up goes well and don't worry, all your bloggy pals will be there to support you!

Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS day :)

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