Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tea Time

On Friday I helped a lady from our church have a birthday party for our Pastor's daughter.

She turned 8 and wanted a Tea Party theme. Mrs. Smith had the BEST house for this party!! Her house was built in 1910 and was laid out perfectly for Tea.

I was in charge of invites, cake and cookies.

I barely got the invites sent out a week before the party and I had to make them and mail them from Missouri while I was visiting. (I forgot my stuff when I left TX so I had to start all over!! GO ME!!)
Included in each invite was a Pink card with "Princess __girl's name___" on each. They brought the card with them and the 'butler' announced the Princesses as they arrived. Very fun!

I baked the cake Thursday night and iced it on Friday.
What kind of cake was it you ask?

Well a Teapot of course!!!!

I had so much fun making this and ALL the little girls AND moms LOVED it!!
I also made cookies with the girls names on them.

The party started at 4:30 so as the girls arrived Butler Rob took each girl into the parlor and announced them to Princess Abby. After they had been announced they took thier dress up clothes into Mrs. Smith's bedroom and laid them out on the bed.

Next stop was the kitchen table where they placed flowers and ribbons on a white hat. Another lady was there hot gluing the flowers on.
(I know this was a party for the big girls to attend and the younger two were just tagalongs. But they were off and gone too quickly for me to get their picture making their hats. I know, I know....and the mother of the year award goes to......)

After the hats were made the girls were off to get dressed up. They came out of the bedroom in their dressup clothes and hats on! Mrs. Smith had an assortment of shoes and jewelry for the girls to wear! THEY LOVED IT!!!

Next was Tea. The girls went out to the porch, chose a chair and put little white gloves on after they sat down. It was adorable....I think they were in Heaven!!!

(Finally, I do have two more children!)

Abby's Aunts served the tea....the girls were asked "One lump or two?"
And the cookies were passed around!

One little girl cracked me up....I gave a little girl sitting next to her a cookie and
she said, "I want a cookie just like hers!"
I said, "Yours is a little different......""I want a cookie just like hers!!!!"
Me: Honey, yours is different because it has your name on it.
Her: Oh..........

Then the cake was brought out, 'Happy Birthday' was sung, and she couldn't blow out the candles because the wind had picked up.

Presents were opened and a little modeling ensued.
The girls tried on each others clothes and walked out into the living room, one by one to model.
Of course Taylor came out bearing tummy. It was a belly dancer costume and she had bangles on her arm so she gave a little 'shake'! Oh, to think what her daddy would have done if he would have seen that!!!

Finally, it was time to pack up and go home.

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julie & joe said...

How funny! I can totally see Taylor doing that. She definitely is a "middle child" :)

Naomi said...

OMGosh!! you did a great job on it all!!
and everyone looks like everyone had a great time......

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

It looks like so much fun! :)

yes said...
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