Sunday, September 19, 2010

What A Glorious Sunday!

I thought I would right something really quick before I get ready for Church.
YES! I said church! I am so EXCITED to be going! We have not been going regularly for the past 6 months! Now that I've actually counted that out I am not happy with myself. No wonder I've been in such a slump!
I kind of had a falling out with the last Church we had been going to for almost 2 years. I just wasn't feeling fulfilled anymore. It just felt like there was too much drama going on! And we all know how well I deal with Drama!! I'm just not good at it!

We tried another church 2 times and I thought I would enjoy it but we just didn't have the drive to go back!

A little background to my religion:
I was born/baptized/raised/confirmed LCMS Lutheran. I never questioned anything! I still don't question it.
However, were I am living, there are LCMS Lutheran churches, but you have to drive into the next town over or 2 towns up and I am so spoiled with going to a church that's pretty close to us.

I never really felt a part of the church we were going to this last time because EVERYBODY was from that town EXCEPT US!! We couldn't have 'Gatherings' at our house because, 'Nobody wanted to drive that far'! True quote!

So what have we done?
We are going to a church that is pretty much literally in our backyard! You stand in our driveway and look East and there you have it!!
I HAVE NOT told my mother this. I'm afraid she would be very upset and I want to make sure we like it and will be attending regularly before I tell her.

I know this is the same as if I was lying to her, but I just don't have the drive to tell her yet!

And the kids love it! They are going to the AWANA program and just LOVE it!! #1 and #2 were super bummed that they have to miss 2 weeks a month because it falls on the same night a Girl Scouts. Yesterday I received a text from their GS Leader and she asked if another night would work better for us!!! OF COURSE IT WOULD!! So now the girls can go every week! I have to wonder, would God really open that door for us, if this is not were we are supposed to be?

And Sean enjoys it too. He says he doesn't mind were we go since he wasn't raised to go to any particular church. A plus that it is so close is that if he gets a 'trouble call' for work he can just walk home instead of us ALL having to leave!

Now that I've shared this I need to hurry and get ready or we will still be late!!

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Vic said...

awww..... i remember going to Awana:) i miss church too but won't go here ! i need to get back into the groove too but i still believe you don't need to go to church to prove your love for's just nice to go share it with others! glad you went! have a good week sweetie

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