Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rainy Saturday

This morning I woke up to a blink of lightening and rumble of thunder! I snuggled under the covers and I thought I was going to be in for a little 'stormy treat'!
But of course that wouldn't just happen here! It was already 7:30 and all the munchkins started waking up!
I ended up just sitting up in bed and watching the rest of 'Medium' that I had to turn off so that Sean and I could watch 'Supernatural' together.
I'm such a Scify junky! ha!
Sean was so nice this morning. He brought me a big cup of coffee!! and entertained the kids while I watched tv!!
I LOVE lazy Saturday mornings when we have nothing that HAS to be done and we don't have to worry about S getting called to work!

Around 10:30 I was tired of doing NOTHING so I decided to tackle the PLAYROOM!!!
After I got started, I wasn't sure if that was such.......

*hold on, I have to help Sean look for the remote!

Well, I'm back, and after 20 minutes of Luck!!! 1 culprit is asleep and the other 2 swear they have 'no idea' where it is! (I didn't forget anyone, she's at a sleepover!)

okay, let me reread so I can figure out where I was!

Oh Yeah! Starting the Playroom!
Yikes! Back in July, my mom was here for a visit and she helped me switch the playroom with my craftroom. That switch really didn't go as planned.
My craftroom is in tip top shape, but everything just 'got thrown' into the playroom!
The only playing that's been done in there for the past couple of months has been the girls playing games on the computer!! I'm afraid somebody will get hurt or even worse GET LOST!!!
IT. WAS. BAD!!!! I didn't even take a BEFORE picture of it because it was soooo BAD!!! I DID NOT want that picture haunting me!!

A quick run down of how that went!

I sorted, threw away, put away, picked up, shooed kids out, ate a snack, checked Facebook a couple of times, sorted, threw away, put away, filled GOODWILL boxes, ate a late lunch, picked up, shooed away, picked up again, vacuumed, put boxes in my van, put more toys away. VACUUMED again!!

Around 6:30 I WAS DONE!!!!!
I now have 7 boxes to take to Goodwill tomorrow because I was too lazy to take them tonight!
Plus, I hadn't showered yet and I knew once I did, I was going to be done for!! No driving across town for this chica!!

I didn't even eat dinner, I felt so cruddy and tired!

However, S and the girls ate and then he told everyone to get in the truck because we were going to Dairy Queen for BLIZZARDS!!!
You bet your buns I was ALL OVER THAT!!!!

We got the girls the Minis and we got smalls because we are cool like that!!
Or maybe I was hungry because I didn't eat dinner? Hummm..... Nope! We're Cool!!

I've only been in the Playroom ten thousand times this evening to look at it!!!
Too bad that won't last any longer! The girls don't have school on Monday!!!
So that should be fun!
It will!

Off to bed....
and it just so happens I have to walk past the playroom again to see my accomplishment for the month!!

I have a really cute couple of aprons I was busy on last week! Hopefully sometime in the near future I can get those pics up!! I'm really trying to stay on track here!!

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