Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Carpet Cleaner!!

There are many days since getting our new puppy, that I look at him and wonder, "What the Hell was I thinking?" Seriously? I have four children and a husband. What was I thinking getting a puppy? There are days he does excellent! Goes pee and poop on his little potty mat. Sits nicely next to me while I'm nursing the baby. Plays fetch like it's going out of style!!
Then there are the OTHER days. If he's already peed twice and pooped once on his mat and I haven't changed it......he will go pee in the entry way or right in the MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR!!!!.. where I'm not expecting it so I step in it!!! EEWW GROSS!!!!!! I swear that dog does that just to spite me. I pet him and talk nice to him and feed him and play with him. Then I go take care of one of my 'REAL' children and he HATES me!!! Does anything he can because he knows it's going to piss me off!!!!

Not this morning however!!! This morning was when I had one of those moments that I remembered..... I still like this dog!! I took him upstairs with me to wake the girls this morning. On the floor there was a spot of pop tart insides! I will has been there awhile. I keep forgetting about it. I figure it wasn't too serious. It's not poop, right? Anyway, that dog spent a good 10 minutes licking around on that spot!!! It was the size of a half dollar. He just kept licking around on it. Even tried to bite it! Thankfully we have berber or I probably wouldn't, no I wouldn't have let him do that! We needed to go downstairs for breakfast so I couldn't leave him to finsih it. I'm sure if I would have it would be gone! You can barely see it. I'm just as happy about that!!! No more pop tart guts!!!!

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